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Selenium of 5949A of HP of the 11 sales promotion before the section beats price
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HP Selenium beat is used the advanced technology that make and exceed subtle carbolic pink, the effect that print is better than the other trademark that print, earn numerous user for beat of this HP Selenium reputably, what its sales volume occupies the portion of the market to be able to reflect its quality adequately is advantageous. October before a day of National Day, this Selenium rouses HP 5949A now in the market the price 430 yuan, the friend that has need mights as well get in touch with agency.

Selenium of HP 5949A black beats market price division: 430 yuan

This Selenium beat belongs to beat of HP black Selenium, in A4 width of cloth 5% enclothe the circumstance of rate to fall, can print about 2500 pages.

Applicable type: Laserjet1320 / Laserjet1160 / Laserjet1320N / Laserjet1320tn / Laserjet3390 / Laserjet3392 /

City of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 3858 rooms

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Company name: Benefit of Beijing vessel Xin vacates limited company of science and technology
Contact: Feng Liang
Connect a telephone call: 010-89655801 13269567163
Storefront address: City of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 3858 rooms

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