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The 25000 quantities that print install brotherly DR3150 900 yuan formerly selen
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This brother (Brother) DR3150 is beat of Selenium of type of a depart bosomy pink, depart bosomy pink is sure decided selenium beat can compare black white durable a lot of, from now on paragraph brother (Brother) DR3150 Selenium rouses us to see not hard. High load capacity is printed make its sheet page prints cost to be able to fall lowest, still can offer reliable output at the same time. Sell the brother on field at present (Brother) DR3150 Selenium beats price 900 yuan every, the friend that has demand can contact a businessman directly.

Brother (price of reference of market of beat of Brother) DR3150 Selenium: 900 yuan

Brother (beat of Brother) DR3150 Selenium is in A4 width of cloth with 5% enclothe rate undertake printing a test, can print 25000 pages about.

Material of applicable bad news: Brother (Brother) DCP-8060/HL-5240/5250DN/MFC-8460N/MFC-8860DN

Room of A3508 of city of number of ZhongGuanCun E world

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Company name: Science and technology of electron of week of Beijing sincere letter expands limited company
Contact: Zhou Jin
Connect a telephone call: 010-62684967 15801358988
Shop address: Room of A3508 of city of number of ZhongGuanCun E world

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