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Choose Selenium of 130 Yuan Lianbang LB-2612A differently to rouse
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Lian Bang LB-2612A is a general brand, apply to a lot of type of HP like installing Q2612A Selenium to rouse formerly. Low price is its leave suction place most, output in safeguard at the same time, the user to Q2612A much a brand chooses. Sell the price on field now 130 yuan every, authority is OK and great advertent.

Compatible Selenium rouses Lian Bang LB-2612A market reference price: 130 yuan

This LB-2612A is Selenium of black gold black to rouse, apply to HP type, in A4 width of cloth, 5% enclothe the circumstance of rate to fall, number of the page that print is 2000 pages about.

Applicable type: Laserjet1010 / Laserjet1012 / Laserjet1015 / Laserjet1020 / Laserjet1022 / Laserjet1022n / Laserjet1018 / Laserjet1022nw / LaserJet1020plus / Laserjet1050c / Laserjet3050 / Laserjet3050z / Laserjet3052 / Laserjet3055 / Laserjet3015 / Laserjet3020 / Laserj

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