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Selenium of HP CB436A black beats market price 430 yuan of sales promotion
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The author recommends a HP to mount CB436A Selenium strike formerly to everybody today, to having the user can yet be regarded as of 1522 type one auspicious message, because the value is great favourable, market price 430 yuan, the friend that has demand can contact agency.

Selenium rouses HP CB436A market reference price: 430 yuan

This product is beat of HP black Selenium, in A4 width of cloth the covers an area situation of 5% falls, can print about 2000 pages.

Applicable type: HP LaserJet M1120/M1120N/M1522nf/M1522n/1505/1505N

City of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 3870 rooms

Buy connection way:

Company name: Limited company of science and technology of Tengda of Beijing vessel Xin
Contact: Liu Zhi
Connect a telephone call: 010-82698249 13391951462
Storefront address: City of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 3870 rooms

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