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General of the love before the Mid-autumn Festival gives birth to T038/T039 only
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Distance the Mid-autumn Festival still has the time that is less than a month, the agency that has a lot of has begun to have low sales promotion to its product. Small today make up understanding to arrive, limited company of development of science and technology of Beijing wheat Sha is in to Aipusheng T038/039 series ink box has sales promotion, price is 221 yuan only / set, the friend that has this respect need mights as well get in touch with its. If the friend is afraid of a trouble, also can undertake buying from net inn directly.

Net inn address: Http://

Combination of ink box of this black colour applies to love general unripe T038/T039 Aipusheng's machine, and the price on the market is more active also, the price that this science and technology of Beijing wheat Sha develops limited company to give out can say is low-down the price, mere 221 yuan can be bought. T038 black ink box 118 yuan, t039 color ink box 103 yuan.

Love general gives birth to price of sales promotion of ink box of T038/039 black colour: 221 yuan / set

The user pays close attention to bad news material prints a quantity on norms most, former outfit ink box can provide perfect output result for the user continuously not only, special also on the quantity that print accord with a standard. Ink box of black of love general unripe T038 with A4 width of cloth 3.5% enclothe about 330 pages can be printed below rate, ink box of color of love general unripe T039 with A4 width of cloth every kinds of 5%(adds up to 15%) is enclothed printed sheet is hit to count about 180 pages below rate. Of its high quality print those who win a lot of customer to approbate, it is the first selection that you buy high quality to print a service.

Applicable type: Aipusheng (EPSON) C41 printer loves general to be born (EPSON) C43 printer

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Company name: Science and technology of Beijing wheat Sha expands limited company
Contact: Li Na
Connect a telephone call: 010-85991872
Firm address: Library of 17 rising suns in stage of gold of area of Beijing rising sun one
Net inn address: Http://

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