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Market of ink box of HP C6656A black is newest valence 120 yuan
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56A of abbreviation of HP C6656A ink box, its high grade character gives you more perfect printout, be applicable model ink box. Recently, the editor sees its price small range drops in the market, only 120 yuan substantial price, demand friend can get in touch with agency directly.

Value of market of ink box of HP 6656A black: 120 yuan

HP 6656A ink box is on A4 width of cloth with 5% enclothe rate undertake printing, can print 450 pages about, (all tests are based on as a result print continuously reach. Resolution is different the medium that print differs to switch on the mobile phone often, close machine open, the Gai Heqing before shutting printer is washed print a metropolis to be counted to printing a page (the quantity that print) cause an effect) . Product of its form a complete set has HP 59 / HP of ink box of C9359A gray photograph 57 / HP of C6657A color ink box 58 / C6658A photograph ink box.

Applicable type: Deskjet5550 / Deskjet5652 / Deskjet9600 / Deskjet9650 / Deskjet9680 / Photosmart7150 / Photosmart7155 / Photosmart7550 / Photosmart7760 / Photosmart7660 / Photosmart9660 / Deskjet450 / Deskjet5650 / Deskjet5160 / Photosmart7260 / Photosmart7960 / Deskjet450cbi(含锂电池) / Deskjet450ci / Deskjet450wbt / Deskjet660 / Desket170 / Photosmart7600 / PSC1318 / PSC2110 / PSC 2410 / PSC2310 / PSC1350 / Officejet5608 / Officejet5609 / Officejet4256 / Officejet5510 / Officejet2350 / Officejet4110 / Officejet6110 / Office

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