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General of love of black colour ink box gives birth to T057/058 to make work onl
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Love general gives birth to T057/58 ink box to apply to love general to give birth to ME1/ME1 /ME100 type, while you enjoy high quality output effect, low price lets your later period print cost to be reduced greatly. The author sees on ZhongGuanCun market recently agency sells to its heat, its special offer 104 yuan / cover (black, colour each one) , think bought friend can get in touch with agency directly.

Love general gives birth to T057/058 a market price case: 104 yuan / set

Print continuously with 360dpi do not include switch machine and clean the head that print to be a standard, t057 (black) ink box prints Zhang Shu to make an appointment with 330 pages below A4 width of cloth, t058 (color) print 180 pages. In all 93 nozzle (black: 415x3 of 8 nozzle color) the office requirement that shower nozzle configuration satisfies you in the round, its perfect printout will offer more pleasure that print to you.

Applicable type: ME1 / ME1 / ME100

City of electron of ZhongGuanCun sea otter 4017 rooms

Buy connection way:

Company name: Limited company of trade of scene of luck of Beijing gold cereal
Contact: Hao Lijian
Connect a telephone call: 82663509 82664540 13910010570
Shop address: Edifice of electron of ZhongGuanCun sea otter 4017 rooms

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