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Series of unripe T049 of general of love of character testimony former outfit se
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Loving general to give birth to T0491-496 is a 6 lubricious ink box, it is black, green, kermes, yellow, shallow blueness, shallow kermes respectively 6 kinds. In Aipusheng the type such as R210/R230/350 enters the life time of people in succession, its ink box is selling also have on field welcome. Sell now there is agency on field every kinds of price 75 yuan, the friend that has demand can get in touch with agency directly.

Love general gives birth to T0491-496 price of reference of market of 6 kinds of ink box: 75/ is raised

Loving general to give birth to T0491 is ink box of a black, checking standard A4 width of cloth (360dpi, ISO10561*3-3.5% is enclothed rate) next undertaking that print, can print about 630 pages about, and other T0492-495 all is color, on the quantity that print slightly little, can print 430 pages about below standard test.

Applicable type: Epson R210/R230/R310/R350/RX510/RX610/RX630

Edifice of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 4874 rooms

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Company name: Beijing gold general gives birth to division trade limited company
Contact: Liu Xing
Connect a telephone call: 82696601 82696602 13501094709
Shop address: Edifice of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 4874 rooms

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