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6 kinds of ink box install love general unripe T0811 formerly every raise 120 yu
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11 golden weeks were gotten on for, in this by a definite date a lot of users in holiday of 7 days can use ink jet printer, give birth to the inevitable meeting such as R270 /R390 to put glorious greatly with machine love general as popular family among them. The editor gives everybody introduction the T081 series ink box that uses since below, sell ink box of this high capacity on field to make work now 120 yuan every, the friend that has demand can contact a businessman directly.

Price of reference of market of ink box of black colour of love general unripe T0811-0816: 120 yuan /

Regard independent fission as ink box, gone and monochromatic change monochromatic, can reduce the cost that print substantially on the later period cost that print. At the same time this covers ink box capacity to go up bigger, print continuously with 360dpi do not include switch machine and clean the head that print to be a standard, black ink box can print 480 pages about, the others is multicoloured can print 855 pages about.

Applicable type: Aipusheng (EPSON) R270/ R390 /RX590 /RX690

Edifice of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 4874 rooms

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Company name: Beijing gold general gives birth to division trade limited company
Contact: Liu Xing
Contact phone 82696601 82696602 13501094709
Shop address: Edifice of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 4874 rooms

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