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High capacity powder box designs Xia Pu 2820 copycat 6500 yuan
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Xia Pu 2820 it is the duplicate of a collect that print the copycat at a suit, operation face plate understands easily simply, the function has double-faced duplicate formidably, the double-faced function that print, this machine uses design of high capacity powder box, every powder box can use 20 thousand pieces of above to save cost of bad news material. At present the price of this machine is: 6500 yuan. The friend that has need can go agency storefront looks.

Value of market of copycat of Xia Pu AR-2820: 6500 yuan

Scanning of AR-2820 copies for many times (SOPM) the function stocks the original that scans memory in, every page can produce the copy that amounts to 999 pieces quickly, and successive duplicate speed can amount to 20 pieces / minute. In addition, time of its fast home page duplicate is 7.2 seconds only, should carry out many short when when the task, can save next valuable time for you. AR-2820 can equip choose and buy R-SPF (double-faced and automatic send manuscript implement) , what can have 40 pieces of master copy at most is automatic send manuscript, raised duplicate yield.

Of the 600dpi resolution of AR-2820 and 256 class gray scale high-powered ensured the true emersion of detail. Control of digital automatic exposure provided optimized duplicate contrast, character / the photograph in automatic divisional documentation mixes photograph mode character, adjust duplicate contrast with period achieve much better the effect.

What eliminated a carton of AR-2820 without alar type design is salient, make the machine can be placed conveniently in office environment, copy and print output giving paper to reach the designated position to stalk of grain at duplicate in the space below the stage, make imprint article take easily take.

Room of 3-451 of square of number of ZhongGuanCun Pacific Ocean

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Company name: In division article appearance
Contact: Zhang Jianguo
Connect a telephone call: 010-51652802 13701124732
Storefront address: Room of 3-451 of square of number of ZhongGuanCun Pacific Ocean

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