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Market price of AR-158X of digital copycat Xia Pu 2500 yuan
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Bulk of copycat of number of Xia Pu AR-158X is cabinet, duplicate speed is minutely 15 pages, the output time of 9.6 seconds considers home page right in the product of price here. Scanning can copy continuously at most 99 pieces, and can copy book and three-dimensional object. The design has a 250 pages advocate mix into carton of a 50 pages by into carton, in advocate OK and convenient user changes below the circumstance that the box does not have paper and do not delay duplicate time. Show this copycat to sell the price on field 2500 yuan, the friend that has demand mights as well get in touch with agency directly.

Value of market of copycat of Xia Pu AR-158X: 2500 yuan

15 pieces / minute duplicate speed, successive and most 99 pieces output. Scanning copies for many times function (SOPM) after scanning manuscript, can store image data in memory, next again with 15 pieces / minute speed (A4 the following dimension) undertake continuously most 99 pieces output. Add the duplicate of fast home page that is 9.6 seconds only additionally, it is you effectively managing working hours, realize the working job that all sorts of need finish quickly inside short time. The mixture manuscript of faultlessly emersion character and photograph. Can detect, the different share such as the character of detached manuscript and photograph, undertake self-correcting. The character that perfect emersion has digital technique talent to come true only and photograph mix the high grade picture of manuscript.

Photograph mode -- can detect photograph or picture have rich colorific master copy, the effect of high grade duplicate of emersion manuscript. AE is automatic chroma adjustment function -- can detect manuscript chroma, emersion is perfect manuscript, the impression of the manuscript such as automatic cleared newspaper. Type of hand movable mould -- but the hand moves the chroma that has 5 arrangement to adjust, those who choose him satisfaction is tonal undertake copying, in order to satisfy different duplicate requirement. The big range of 400 % of 25 % ~ shrinks put fold, contain 5 to shrink put fold, can realize of all kinds file conveniently shrink indulge Wu. The biggest the 251 pieces capacity that offer paper, 250 pieces standard carton + is odd piece the hand sends bypass. Output paper size: A6 ~ A4 (include 16K) .

Room of 3-451 of city of number of ZhongGuanCun Pacific Ocean

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Contact: Zhang Jianguo
Connect a telephone call: 010-51652802 13701124732
Storefront address: Room of 3-451 of city of number of ZhongGuanCun Pacific Ocean

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