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The choice summer general of small and medium sized business 2718 only 5200 yuan
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Xia Pu AR-2718 is copycat of an A3 width of cloth, hold a function that print concurrently at the same time, return module of OK and patulous scanning, one chance is much can. This copycat is very pretty good on function, at the same time the characteristic such as a variety of add functions, can satisfy the daily requirement of company level user completely, the user of class of small and medium sized business that purchases demand nots allow to miss. Show the price on ZhongGuanCun market 5200 yuan, the friend that has demand can get in touch with agency directly.

Value of market of copycat of Xia Pu AR-2718: 5200 yuan

Scanning of Xia Pu AR-2718 / copy for many times (SOPM) the function stocks the original that scans memory in, every can produce the copy that amounts to 999 pieces quickly, and successive duplicate rate can amount to 18 pieces / minute. In addition, time of its fast home page duplicate is 7.2 seconds only, should carry out many short when when the task, can save next valuable time for you. To raise duplicate yield, AR-2718 can equip choose and buy SPF (bosseyed and automatic choose draft implement) , what can have 40 pieces of master copy at most is automatic send manuscript. A 250 pieces front takes paper into carton and a 100 pieces bypass implement, this needs to handle many duplicate task in you when very useful, and should need frequent duplicate a large number of time can be saved for you when the paper of different measurement. Paper size of the standard can copy easily, the paper size scope with can applicable AR-2718 is arrive from A3 A5.

AR-2718 has built-in PC interface, undertake printing on the computer that can have window operating system from installation, the rate that print is top amount to 12 pages / minute, still provide a variety of functions that print at the same time. What eliminated a carton without alar type design is salient, the placement that makes a machine can convenient is in office environment, copy and print output giving paper to reach the designated position to stalk of grain at duplicate in the space below the stage, make imprint article take easily take. The side is handled in image, xia Pu AR-2718 has top-ranking picture, 600dpi defends oneself of rate and 256 class gray scale high-powered ensured Xerox the true emersion to manuscript detail. The number explodes automatically smooth control provided optimized duplicate contrast, character / the photograph in automatic divisional documentation mixes photograph mode character, adjust duplicate contrast with period achieve much better the effect.

Room of 3-451 of square of number of ZhongGuanCun Pacific Ocean

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