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Price of AR-2918 of general of summer of experience green office 6900 yuan
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Summerly general company is first confers China energy-saving product certification brand inside course of study, banner and energy-saving, bring environment of true green office! Small today this obtains Chinese energy-saving attestation copycat that writes everybody introduction, xia Pu 2918, the price is 6900 yuan, the friend that have fun at mights as well go having a look!

Value of market of copycat of Xia Pu AR-2918: 6900 yuan

Xia Pu a black and white number when 2918 copycat is compound machine, collect is printed / duplicate / scanning at a suit, resolution is scanning respectively: AE: Acquiesce of 600 × 300dpi(is worth) ; Photograph: 600 × 600dpi; Print: 600dpi, its duplicate speed is 18 pieces / cent, can copy continuously 1-999 piece, time of first pieces of duplicate is 7.2 seconds, duplicate rate is 25-400%(with 1% for unit) . Dimension of the biggest duplicate is A3, the means that offer paper is 350 pieces (250 100) , deserve to send a choose and buy when can amount to 850 pieces at most. Warm-up time is 45 seconds, memory is 32M.

This 2918 functions that configured an electron to divide page and amlposition output, also support double-faced duplicate to print a function. And can choose double-faced and automatic send manuscript.

Room of 3-451 of city of number of ZhongGuanCun Pacific Ocean

Buy connection way:

Company name: In division article appearance
Contact: Zhang Jianguo
Connect a telephone call: 010-51652802 13701124732
Storefront address: Room of 3-451 of square of number of ZhongGuanCun Pacific Ocean

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