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Truth is bare 1880 copycat market is newest quote 4900 yuan
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Recommend the copycat Aficio MP 1800 of light of a manage to everybody today, the newest quoted price that has the copycat that agency gives this paragraph model according to author know is 4900 yuan, interested friend can be contacted with agency.

Price of reference of copycat of manage smooth Aficio MP 1800: 4900 yuan

Aficio MP 1800 uses design of desktop of the type that do not have an ala, mark matchs cover board, need not purchase any fittings, cabinet bulk can help you managing office space, let you be in get material benefit while, can win victory of when it's convenient again.

This machine can be achieved not only minutely the fast duplicate of 18 pages, and have " scanning, copy for many times " function, need pair of manuscript scanning to be able to output many file only.

Mark matchs an electron to separate page function, need not buy appropriative to distribute a page implement, need to be installed simply only, can realize Xerox sort to distribute a page, help you improve work efficiency effectively. Can achieve minutely the fast duplicate of 18 pages; Have function of practical A3 duplicate and Chinese liquid crystal to show operation face plate, mark matchs " scanning, copy for many times " function and function of electronic cent page.

Room of 4A006 of city of electron of ZhongGuanCun division trade

Buy connection way:

Company name: Great exploit of Beijing reach the clouds runs public equipment company
Contact: Li Yan
Connect a telephone call: 010-82536408 82535338
Storefront address: Room of 4A006 of city of electron of ZhongGuanCun division trade

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