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The Shang Jia when confusing you to exceed can FC290 copycat closes to 1800 yuan
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Beautiful can FC290 is cabinet and portable, was 2005 an appearance that the bottom appears on the market is fashionable, cabinet copycat product, basically face business affairs user. On function, beautiful can FC290 is used indirect and electrostatic turn imprint can fast heat starts system of spray of white of duplicate device, black and beautiful the quality that will promote duplicate documentation and speed. Time of home page duplicate needs 22 seconds only (A4) , duplicate speed is 4 pieces / minute (A4) , can copy continuously at most 50 pieces. FC290 used the exposure of automatic slit exposure to control fashion, improved the documentation quality that duplicate of this copycat place comes out greatly thereby. Sell price of this model on field 1750 yuan at present, everybody mights as well go looking.

Beautiful can price of reference of FC290 copycat market: 1800 yuan

Beautiful can FC290 was used indirect and electrostatic turn imprint duplicate system and Mo Fenpen shoot develop system, 0 seconds bide his time, do not need warm-up. And time of first pieces of duplicate needs 22 seconds only, duplicate speed can amount to 4 pieces / minute. In the meantime, it returns can relaxed on different medium duplicate, include label, transparent film and calling card to wait. Still have additionally gules, green, blue, brown the black white that waits for a variety of color with traditional black chooses for you, let you achieve more conspicuous duplicate result.

In the meantime, beautiful can FC290 still used new-style cassette, will sensitive beat, develop implement, take electric equipment and cleanness implement etc close for an organic whole, discharge trival maintenance to work, whole changes more convenient, more when the province. In the meantime, still can make sure every pieces of photocopy acquires top duplicate quality with inferior cost.

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