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Muti_function copycat Toshiba 166 markets price 5000 yuan
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Before the Mid-autumn Festival, the price of copycat of number of Toshiba E-STUDIO 166 is reduced somewhat again, in all products of coequal function, price advantage is highlighted particularly, the price that the businessman gives out is 5000 yuan, compared with before paragraph time has very large price dominant position for 5200 yuan price, this money machine child be an introduction class is muti_function digital copycat, it is the first selection product that small and medium sized business handles official bussiness, interested friend can be contacted with agency.

Value of market of Toshiba E-studio 166: 5000 yuan

Toshiba E-studio 166 is a black and white number compound machine, the duplicate that supports A3 width of cloth, print, scanning; Have GDI to print a function, duplicate speed is minutely 16 pages, exposure controls cent to be 5 class to be moved automatically with 7 class hand, support from 25% enter with 1% paces to 200% scale adjust. Scanning resolution is 600 X 600 Dpi, the resolution that print is 2400 X 600 Dpi, time of first pieces of duplicate only 7.6 seconds.

This money machine child bulk is 643*600*462.5, place rise to also be not covered an area of, weight is 31.8KG is in the brand that is the same as a function, this is in a place with respect to the advantage that is it, volume is minor, weight is light also make it is maintaining in the market have certainly rate, if think pair of friends that this money becomes detailed knowledge are OK,contact the following businessman.

Room of 4A006 of city of electron of ZhongGuanCun division trade

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Company name: Great exploit of Beijing reach the clouds runs public equipment company
Contact: Li Yan
Connect a telephone call: 010-82536408 82535338
Storefront address: Room of 4A006 of city of electron of ZhongGuanCun division trade

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