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Brotherly FAX-2820 electrograph can be enjoyed 1550 yuan more more
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Brotherly FAX-2820 was used on the exterior design a style for mass-tone attune with white, control Panel used the design that the front tilts a little, the functional key-press on face plate and liquid crystal show screen is concise, special human nature is changed, make your operation goes to the lavatory extremely. Bulk is cabinet although the space is narrow, saved a space effectively. Show this type to sell the carry out on field 1550 yuan, interested friend can get in touch with agency directly.

Price of reference of brotherly FAX-2820 electrograph: 1550 yuan

In performance side, FAX-2820 is laser of collect high speed is printed, digital duplicate scanning, laser is faxed can at a suit. It used engine of black and white laser, printed the biggest resolution 1200 × 600dpi, the speed 14-15 page that A4 prints / minute, in duplicate respect, the resolution of also has 200 × 300dpi the biggest duplicate of 2820, still can undertake 50% ~ 200% shrink put scale duplicate. In fax respect, the 2820 Modem that deployed 14.4kbps, 6 seconds are sent with respect to what can complete single page document, , capacity memory is 8MB, can make memory is sent and receive memory to be as high as 400 pages without paper, and the function that also has same share to fax send out for many times, can give 270 different addresses a facsimile transmission, huge went to the lavatory user.

Additional, brotherly FAX-2820 still can copy and receive a fax two kinds of jobs undertake at the same time, of 20 pages receive draft automatically implement enter carton with the 250 pages of whole sealing type should the demand of can contented major user.

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Former outfit: BrotherDR-2050 of brother of BrotherTN-2050 of brother of BrotherDR2050 of brotherly BrotherTN2050 brother
Compatible: Hoist the sails be able to bear or endure establish YFHCTN2050 wisdom connect KILTERTN2050 wisdom connect KILTERDR2050

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Company name: Beijing easy standing grain clicks limited company of network business affairs
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Connect a telephone call: 82537358 15010208417
Shop address: Room of 3A048 of edifice of electron of ZhongGuanCun division trade

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