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Market minimum price flies electrograph of benefit riverside F581 only 700 yuan
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Flying benefit riverside holds share in electrograph market place very big, have the advantage of oneself product all the time, consumer also approbates flying benefit riverside this brand. To this electrograph that has complete Chinese to display a function, definite advantage is had on the price. Recently, agency is opposite electrograph of F581 of flying benefit riverside gave out 700 yuan quote, the friend that have fun at can get in touch with agency.

Value of market of electrograph of F581 of flying benefit riverside: 700 yuan

Airframe of F581 of flying benefit riverside is cabinet bright beautiful, advocate face plate is white, operation key-press is dispersedly on face plate, the liquid crystal that there is to be able to show Chinese among displays screen. This electrograph has fax function not only, and still have phone handle, can receive call, and still have duplicate function.

F581 of flying benefit riverside can fax common paper, 14.4K high speed is transmitted, have an incoming telegram to display a function, the capacity is received without paper, avoid carry dial, send automatically / receive electronic short message, but much page duplicate, extension remote control receives a fax, 64 class high definition, although power cut also can be received,hear a telephone call. This electrograph provides human nature to change more on the design, have high capacity to receive function and calculator function without paper.

Room of C3589 of square of number of ZhongGuanCun E world

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Company name: Limited company of Beijing dawn trade
Contact: Li Cuimin
Connect a telephone call: 010-62680748 13146072639
Storefront address: Room of C3589 of square of number of ZhongGuanCun E world

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