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Office electrograph flies market of benefit riverside F816 makes work 660 yuan
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Electrograph of F816 of flying benefit riverside is individual or an office electrograph. The appearance design of F816 of flying benefit riverside is more fashionable, white airframe gives a person the sense of a kind of efficient. Indication screen is in the center of airframe forehead, the both sides of indication screen is Control Panel, can make user operation more convenient. Agency is 660 yuan to bade case now, the friend that have fun at can get in touch with agency directly!

Value of market of electrograph of F816 of flying benefit riverside: 660 yuan

On function, phone of collect of F816 of flying benefit riverside, duplicate, fax is an organic whole, use heat quick to print means, use heat quick paper serves as the medium that print, lose straw automatically implement the capacity is 12 pages, ring of 16 kinds of chord, the incoming telegram signs up for date and speech clew function, dream 7 colour are in a poor light, big screen Chinese shows, can amount to 64 ash rank, the complete incoming telegram that make type displays a function, can inquire the incoming telegram is mixed go electric number, when using, offerred standard, careful, super- careful 3 kinds of means are printed.

Exterior of electrograph of electrograph of F816 of flying benefit riverside used common white, not flowery, bulk does not calculate on cabinet, compare popular exterior design at present, the airframe of the white that open system gives a person a kind of concise whole sense. Key-press of its all function operation is designed was in in front board on, reflected the design train of thought that human nature changes, convenient user is operated.

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