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Energy-saving model office electrograph brother 829 markets make work 650 yuan
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Brother FAX-829 electrograph reachs design of user of medium and small businesses for individual, SOHO only, the exterior is cabinet, the design is fashionable, complete Chinese shows, performance is good! At the same time this type passed Chinese energy-saving product certification, report of the bad news when biding one's time the energy-saving electrograph under 4W, economical to love user is in appropriate did not pass, at the same time its price recipient. Sell price of this model on field 650 yuan at present, everybody cannot miss such overflow.

Price of reference of market of brotherly FAX-829 electrograph: 650 yuan

Beautiful and easy exterior, the design of fine carve of carve of essence of life, make this machine appearance graces many, black and white typical and high match colors, highlight savour, front key-press is agile and compact, shortcut key is convenient and practical.

On function, the speed of the modem is 9.6Kbps, opposite with fair and reasonable still is for this price, also can satisfy the requirement of average user, scanning density can be divided for standard, careful, exceed careful, photograph, memory of 512KB high capacity, can come true amount to 25 pages to be received without paper, still contain 104 to dial memory includes 4 commonly used single bond to dial automatically mix 100 fast dial number, quick and convenient, the job that lets you is more efficient.

City of electron of ZhongGuanCun sea otter 658 rooms

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Company name: Trade of 10 thousand ability of China Beijing harbor limited company
Contact: Hu Bin
Connect a telephone call: 010-82678681 82678912
Storefront address: City of electron of ZhongGuanCun sea otter 658 rooms

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