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Special offer of National Day of 560R of SamSung laser electrograph 1499 yuan
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SamSung SF-560R is muti_function machine of laser an organic whole, it basically is to serve as electrograph to use, of course the user also can be used undertake copying working. Basically face the user of medium and small businesses that has many fax demand at ordinary times, the efficiency performance that faxes a respect is very excellent, lunar negative charge is quite big also. The regretful resolution that handles the duplicate side that is it is inferior, enterprise interior is used still go, if be opposite outside the file is used still want promotion a few. Sell price of this model on field 1499 yuan at present, the friend that wants to look mights as well direct connection businessman.

SamSung SF-560R is muti_function price of reference of market of machine of laser an organic whole: 1499 yuan

This SF-560R continued the consistent design style of SamSung office product, deserve to have 250 pages carton considering it, bulk has 363 × only however 398.5 × 308.3mm, although,still be of Yu Xiaoqiao airframe. The airframe color of SamSung SF-560R is gray, fruity respect stands by line design general orientation, be the sort of do not break business affairs temperament namely, and a few more lively type.

SamSung SF-560R used 33.6KBPS modem on fax function, send speed to be 3 seconds / every page, the biggest resolution 203 × 392dpi, 2MB of the buy inside it faxes memory, can store 160 pages are faxed most, can come true to many sites send. SamSung SF-560R can install 20 one key to dial dial quickly with 80, staff member but efficient use. This machine mark distributes 250 pages paper dish, receive draft automatically implement the capacity is 20 pages, this serves as on one hand basically is in order to fax functional SamSung to get gay key for SF-560R. The bear of SamSung SF-560R month that print is the biggest 10000 pages, satisfied the need of medium-sized company user.

Resolution of respect of SamSung SF-560R duplicate is 300 × 300dpi, rate is top for 16 pages / minute, can realize 50%-200% to shrink put, can copy continuously 99.

SF-560R of SamSung of respect of bad news material uses type of an organic whole bosomy pink to design, model SF-D560RA, standard outfit prints a quantity to be 3000 pages (5% enclothe rate) , buy first install for try out, the quantity that print is 1000 pages. The market value of SF-D560RA is 560 yuan are controlled at present.

Inn of C3588 of three-layer of ZhongGuanCun E world

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