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Human nature changes market price of the 706CN below pine of the fax that do not
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Its sell this electrograph the site consist children delicate, 355 × of 272 × 185 size, even if put go up in desk doing work, also won't occupy too large space. At the same time the mainstream of 9600bps transmits the deferent speed of rate, 12 seconds to wait for an user to small and medium sized business, family use or suit very much. In the market this type also belongs to popular model, price 780 yuan, interested friend mights as well go looking.

The pine leaves price of reference of 706CN electrograph market: 780 yuan

In performance side, the main aspect that has 9600bps transmits rate, 64 class demitint moves the file clarity that makes receive pleasing to the eye, the deferent rate of 12 seconds can rise every page greatly office efficiency. Supportive incoming telegram shows a service, the liquid crystal screen that double travel displays can show content of operation mode, memory, and already moved the information such as telephone number, make incoming telegram person full name and number show the be clear at a glance on screen in liquid crystal.

Fast scanning function scans the file quickly to memory, send the document from memory again next receive debit, shorten greatly the time that the user awaits a file to scan. The filestore function of 28 pages paper can store be as long as the file that 25 pages require to convey, when need transmits much page document to many sites, this one function will be very useful, the document of 28 pages paper can be received below the circumstance that does not have paper. Additional, can relaxed implementation prints electrograph of the KX-FP706CN below the pine (200% / 150% ) , reprint books in a reduced format (92%/86%/72% ) and the duplicate that distribute a page, can copy at most 50, not only such, having a series of advanced duplicate functions while still can print with the speed of 2PPM.

City of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 3942 rooms

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