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Beautiful can FAX-L120J electrograph is enjoyed 2200 yuan freely
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Beautiful can the exterior grace with concise and fluent FAX-L120J is high; Delicate and compact space structure, do not need additional fittings to be able to extend tray is defeated by paper; Control Panel can avoid paper keep out on the right side of, convenient operation; Hold of increased 20×2 character liquid crystal lets all sorts of functions and menu show be clear at a glance. Those who be aimed at is the user of small-sized business affairs such as the small-sized office that has diversification demand and SOHO, bring more efficient and quick office kind for you, belong to high-end business affairs to use machine. Sell price of this model on field 2200 yuan at present, interested friend can contact a businessman directly.

Beautiful can price of reference of FAX-L120J electrograph market: 2200 yuan

Beautiful can FAX-L120J uses 33.6Kbps modem device, through Super G3 data transmission means reachs 3 seconds / the high speed of the page is transmitted. And mix in the biggest to whole process influence scanning the phase that print, the scanning component with FAX-L120J efficient have the aid of and compact structure, realized scanning 3.5 seconds / page, print 5 seconds / page, ensure high speed of fax whole process is coherent. And use the processing system of image of quality of freeboard of UHQ(Ultra High Quality) with can particular beautiful, resolution achieved 600dpi×600dpi, resolution of scanning of 4 kinds of optional choose and adjustable contrast, set most the picture quality that accords with demand and contrast, make the image administrative levels of output richer.

Beautiful can FAX-L120J is copying respect, you can copy according to place the utility of content and mode of scanning of choice of graph article quality and chroma, so that can achieve more satisfactory result, make at this o'clock this product provides human nature to change more. FAX-L120J can undertake 50%-200% shrinks put duplicate to file for the file, make full use of paper resource, namely environmental protection saves capable person of office bad news again, the respect that print also be nothing difficult.

Beautiful can FAX-L120J rouses black white, sensitization and clean implement wait for a component to close for an organic whole, when need changes, the operation is simple and clean, discharge be safeguarded trivally daily and maintain the job. And FAX-L120J can be installed for “TONER SAVING” mode, will increase from this about 50% imprint quantity, prolong the service life that selenium rouses.

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