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SOHO is very companionate electrograph of SF-371P of 790 yuan of SamSung
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As SamSung newest a when roll out muti_function electrograph, SF-371P is shirt-sleeve the design with banner SamSung and advantage of research and development, make great efforts on intelligent application sufficient. Newest application automatic telephone line detects function, when fax signal joins correctly, the machine can issue clew news and transmission information shows on LCD indication screen, make an user correct judge current fax condition, avoid the happening of invalid fax circumstance, also dispense with the trouble that brings to the user from this. So excellent model sells show price 790 yuan, interested friend can get in touch with the businessman directly.

Price of reference of market of SamSung SF-371P electrograph: 790 yuan

In addition, have the aid of my favorite function, SF-371P can store 20 commonly used documentation, such although do not have original, the user also can send these documentation at any time, cast off external condition manacle, came true not to have paper work thereby; Still can turn electrograph when the user is busy for automatic and respondent condition, complete the work of user set automatically, the intelligence that efficient implementation faxes is changed. On memory capacity, SF-371P obtained the 150 pages of top level, although be in,fax midway black white or paper is gone, also enough space saves data start off before the others, the pink that treat black or paper change after ending, print again come out, the promotes an user work efficiency of utmost.

On the use of bad news material, samSung SF-371P applied SamSung of newest development " Ling Zhimo water " identify a technology. The user is OK the true bogus that apace differentiates bad news material, because use,avoided thereby fake quality of not clear, output differs the handwriting that when bad news material brings about a fax to receive hair document, appears wait for a problem, cogent the interest that maintains an user. SF-371P still applied brand-new ink box to save Chinese ink mode, this mode has better economy, the ink box of coequal capacity, can come true reduce the black white of 25% to use up.

A few fundamentality of SamSung SF-371P can be more conspicuous also, applied speed to transmit documentation for the modem of 14.4Kbps, transmission time is 6 seconds only, and offerred 10 single bond dial and 100 dial quickly. And upgrade through a series of technologies, the ADF of newest configuration (automatic documentation takes paper implement) file capacity is to be as high as 15 pages more, combinative SamSung is prevented advancedly tilt automatic documentation transmits a technology, can put an end to completely cause because of paperboard omit the phenomenon such as important documentation and Mo Ban, improved the quality of the accuracy that the user faxes and fax, also can ensure the safety of the file is transmitted effectively at the same time.
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