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Brand shop of the accredit on first nets is in Aipusheng predominant practice
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A few days ago, general of love of famous printer manufacturer is unripe (China) limited company on August 27 with outstanding Yamaxun ( cooperative accredit ceremony is held in Beijing. Aipusheng (China) vice-president Mr Guo Chaohui attended limited company vise general manager Mr Lin Zhongyong, outstanding Yamaxun cooperative accredit ceremony. Aipusheng announces outstanding Yamaxun is its agency of first accredit network, and love general to be born in outstanding Yamaxun " love general gives birth to brand shop " official also start business.

The reporter learns, this Aipusheng takes seriously very much its brand shop of the accredit on first net, and take the collaboration with outstanding Yamaxun seriously very much, this collaboration is to love general to give birth to layout of center of 4S of afterwards whole nation and country this year outside collaboration of beautiful big range, another new channel act, both sides will cooperate cheek by jowl in future, develop respective industry to lead an advantage. Aipusheng also the price advantage outstanding product, perfect product line, material benefit, pass outstanding Yamaxun this high grade platform, transfer customer, and bring more to consumer substantial, convenient, be at ease.

The outstanding Yamaxun that loves general to give birth to accredit " EPSON brand shop " content is very rich, can satisfy the different requirement of of all kinds user, cover love general to give birth to the everything needed is ready such as material of printer of printer of all fronts photograph, business affairs ink jet, family expenses printer, scanner, stylus printer, bad news. And look be like the shop on fictitious net, the service can not be empty, the outstanding Yamaxun that the user wants to log onto graph Wen Bingmao only loves general to give birth to brand shop, can experience to the top of one's bent and select all fronts product of Aipusheng, all sorts of privilege that and still can enjoy Aipusheng and outstanding Yamaxun offer, fund fund product assures quality goods, bill is all ready, do not have what distinction with hypostatic inn, still but free deliver goods is very convenient and quick. Look, the product that domestic user can carry professional network platform choose and buy to love general to be born eventually and service.

Well-known, aipusheng regards the leader of printer domain as the brand, will devote oneself to to provide best product and excellent service for the user all the time for years. In recent years, aipusheng increases investment ceaselessly, bring for the user a lot of and convenient close service. Wide get recognition " the heart adds be convinced Wu " , the Aipusheng that offers experience type consumption 4S center, 400 hotlines guide buy... it is the new service act that Aipusheng rolls out ceaselessly. Nowadays, aipusheng brand-new open up network shops new platform, offer another convenient and reliable consumption way for the user.

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