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The 50 millionth printer is in SamSung electron power sea gets offline
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On August 28 morning 10 when, the factory of SamSung electron printer that is located in high area the 50 millionth printer gets offline. This batch of products that the 50 millionth printer gets offline, it is SamSung is place of Heilongjiang agriculture bank to order those who control production only. It is reported, samSung will regard pillar industry as printer and relevant product henceforth, invest to have research and development and production gigantic. And power sea divides Korea as SamSung base is produced only outside mainland, crop holds the 95% above of total output of printer of SamSung whole world.

Original main attack consumes SamSung electron electronic domain, rolled out MP3 to photograph mobile phone resembling a head and the most frivolous mobile phone mobile phone, high like element early or late, wide accept market favour. Later, because the product of SamSung development does not have big breakthrough, the market welcomes a face to begin to narrow, the company grows speed to put delay. For this, begin from 2005, samSung begins to start the new strategy that business uses in the light of business inside global limits. 2007, the business of SamSung electron reachs 10 billion dollar with business income, grow 13% than 2006, but the proportion that holds SamSung gross earnings is not worth 1/10 however. And be in China, sale had 200 million dollar only 2006, do not be in China to SamSung the 1 % of gross income. After passing many market survey, samSung electron sees he is in the capacious development foreground of territory of business affairs market, and at the beginning of this year, announced the plan that extends business to use the market: Did not come 3 years, 5 years, become before Chinese business uses domain and solution provider 3.

For this, samSung carries out this locality actively to change the strategy, recruit native land employee, communicate by native land employee and client. In the light of commercial user ceaseless and arisen office prints new requirement, samSung business uses the dominant position of technology of the core that print product terminal outspread the printing solution that reachs to offer high price to be worth for industry client. At present these solutions had been applied extensively at national office, domestic and international large company. Be worth what carry is, during the Olympic Games the office that at Beijing the delegacy of German Olympic Games of restaurant uses Kaibinsiji outputs be stationed equipment, be SCX-6345N of product of SamSung commercial flagship machine of an organic whole of black and white laser; Announce before long afore Chinese government purchased green detailed account 2008 in, samSung business uses printer all a list of names posted up to go up famous.

A lot of people think, samSung locates him the business on terminal product uses a product, include all digital product, products such as TV, jotter, printer, monitor, and the company that runs many diverse product line and different type client to be able to succeed at the same time, although be put inside global limits,also do not see more. "Actually, on every product line we have a competitor, print equipment for example, HP is our biggest competitor, monitor is the biggest rival below respect pine. But SamSung is the manufacturer with global terminal the most complete product line, this means us to provide one-stop service to the client, this is the advantage of SamSung fitly. " area of SamSung electron big China is standing Qu Jingdong of vice-president of trustee, sale thinks so. He says, their business uses business end is the 30% above that income takes gross income of business of SamSung electron China.
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