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Printer becomes the prospective pillar that SamSung electron is in China
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If you bought a stage to use the printer of light of happy, HP, Dai Er, manage, Toshiba, likelihood and SamSung electron written guarantee lower edge is divided in the dark. A few days ago, " daily of the first finance and economics " the reporter is in factory of printer of SamSung power sea workshop spot sees, the hand of the SamSung of printer part out of afore-mentioned brands.

Factory of printer of power sea SamSung is SamSung electron except Korea mainland exclusive base of a production, at present crop holds the workshop the 90% above of crop of printer of SamSung electron whole world. And a director discloses the workshop, HP the out of ink jet printer of 40% above this factory. And Dai Er, Shi Le also is increasing order, associate although the company expresses to do not have order, but ministry of the career of it and HP that print has collaboration, issue order it, and HP will give SamSung power of great capacity below order.

Ministry of SamSung electron big client breathes out east wind chief inspector emphasizes, do poineering work the 2nd times printer industry is a company. In fact, the company just began to do truly 2001, entered the 3rd echelon formation 2005, entered the 2nd echelon formation 2007. Up to now, in laser the core technology such as the engine that print and productivity are propped up below, volume of shipment of laser printer of SamSung electron whole world is next to HP, holding global market the 2nd an ancient folding chair, market share is 15% . And data of the 2nd quarter shows this year, volume of shipment of copycat of company color laser ranks the whole world the first. He says, the target this year is to hold position of first of this one product line.

"Printer business has made the prospective pillar industry of SamSung electron. " Qu Jingdong of vice-president of standing trustee, sale checks area of SamSung electron big China " daily of the first finance and economics " express, come for years, samSung electron is acting the part of before the industry 3 all the time in domain of face plate of home appliance, number, semiconductor, liquid crystal, but, the impression that gives the public is a vogue however consume kind of electron figure, this limitted the development of the company.

SamSung electron had made global business use strategic plan last year, try transition of have the aid of, recover profit point of growth, and printer is among them engine. Cite data says Qu Jingdong, current, dimensions of global printer market is as high as 130 billion dollar, and the mobile phone industry that gets attention fully is 100 billion dollar only.

SamSung electron is regarding the main battlefield that drives printer business as China. The beginning of the year did business to use product and strategic promotion in 100 many cities 2008, already waited for crucial industry market to achieve a breakthrough in finance, government at present. The reporter sees, a lot of products of the 50 millionth printer and place alignment, enclosing carry toward Heilongjiang.
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