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In September, the look of photography person assembles in Ping Yao, as the whole world the most large-scale photography is exhibited meeting, photography of annual international of Chinese smooth Yao is exhibited greatly be about to come on stage ceremoniously at 19 days. The famous manufacturer such as media of lover of the photography Great Master that comes from world each district at the appointed time, photography, news and Aipusheng will assemble in Ping Yao, share this fall grand occasion. Regard printout as the professional firm of equipment, from 2001 section of the first photography that make the same score Yao kicks off since, constant n holds Aipusheng section of the photography that make the same score Yao. And in current Ping Yao international photography is exhibited greatly on, aipusheng is in carry much money fist while the product appears, was to prepare the sales promotion activity that wonderful confused shows to sign up for an user back and forth more, make what cameraman and photography lover are enjoying progress of science and technology to bring brand-new while output experiences, can harvest more again and again surprise.

Everybody wind model, love general gives birth to material benefit of printer of old width of cloth to arrive home

As we have learned, during this smooth Yao shadow is exhibited, the printer such as Epson Stylus Photo 1390, Epson Stylus Photo R1900, Epson Stylus Photo R2880, Epson Stylus Pro 3800C, Epson Stylus Pro 4880C depreciates set limit to sales promotion, depreciate the big enough of extent lets every user become really interested. On this foundation, printer of two heavyweight old width of cloth returns Epson Stylus Pro 3800C, Epson Stylus Pro 4880C to have material benefit after all, buy give value 700 yuan A2 love general namely collar for a horse of paper of art of unripe high end. Love general gives birth to the output effect with high quality printer of old width of cloth, brought up Aipusheng to output the leadership position of the domain in old width of cloth, also make Aipusheng big one of first selection way that printer of width of cloth makes the cameraman on section of all previous photography that make the same score Yao output work, this with great quantity sales promotion, will surely cause scare buying tide one round! Give birth to relevant controller introduction additionally according to loving general, should buy Epson Stylus Pro 3800C to be able to attend what hold at the beginning of October freely swim together with Yu Yuntian of photography Great Master only the activity of the prairie on dam, communication is taken outside, so rare study opportunity how does fault tolerance pass?

The place of detail shows true badge, as present colorific agency, medium is self-evident to outputting the important rate of work. Without the carrying capacity of medium, inky colour cannot be shown adequately come out. Aipusheng holds the perfect option that medium is high quality output formerly. On this photography section, aipusheng also prepared a variety of privilege that install medium formerly to allow benefit activity for cameraman, aipusheng is traditional paper of paper radical photograph, exceed paper of smooth art paper, the art that knit grain, velvet art paper to sell special offer of set limit to, in addition Yi Zhun had multiple good manners passes on an user, buy love general to give birth to A2 tradition paper of paper radical photograph gives A4 tradition one packet namely outfit of try out of paper of paper radical photograph, buy Aipusheng to exceed the pure cotton such as paper of smooth art paper, the art that knit grain, velvet art paper not to have acerbity medium full 7000 yuan, will give value 700 yuan art paper collar for a horse. Of superior quality and privilege yield benefit, enough becomes love general to give birth to the killer mace of sales promotion of printer of old width of cloth, let us be in to its the expression of photography section fills this Ping Yao to expect completely.
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