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In September, photography of international of Chinese smooth Yao is exhibited greatly as the whole world the most large-scale photography is exhibited meeting, appear again at Ping Yaolong again. It is reported, current photography section will with " Olympic Games • loves greatly " for the theme, hand in both collect Yu Pingyao this node, witness video force here! After this will become afterwards Beijing Olympic Games, international of bound of the first photography top class grand meeting. The famous manufacturer such as media of lover of the photography Great Master that comes from world each district at the appointed time, photography, news and Aipusheng will assemble in Ping Yao, share this fall grand occasion.

Regard printout as the professional firm of equipment, from 2001 section of the first photography that make the same score Yao kicks off since, constant n holds Aipusheng section of the photography that make the same score Yao, bring advanced number for photography person ceaselessly video science and technology and applied plan, and love general to give birth to original creation " TM of art small spurt " output craft is to show a body again and again more, output work for cameraman, earned an acclamatory reputation. And in current Ping Yao international photography is exhibited greatly on, aipusheng is to carry product of much money fist to appearance more appear. As we have learned, this Aipusheng will be decorated respectively " Aipusheng imprints like the house " and " Aipusheng is artistic atelier of small spurt TM " two old exhibition halls.

"Aipusheng imprints like the house " differentiate for 4 large area, among them printer of old width of cloth area, consume kind of product area to will love general give birth to the product such as browser of memory of printer, scanner, multimedia showpiece respectively, lecture area will be decorated amount to 9 projector, fund fund high-quality goods will surely bring the person that watch all-around experience. Be worth what carry is, besides product and solution reveal, "Aipusheng imprints like the house " the photography work that still will take concentration of consortium of group of cause China photography is exhibited, it is reported, 17 exhibiting photographs all are born by love general " TM of art small spurt " output craft output, while guest is admiring master of a person of academic or artistic distinction, can cut body check to love general to give birth to the tint charm of printer more.

And another exhibition hall -- " atelier of TM of small spurt of love general unripe art " will act according to for broad cameraman those who go up is a luxurious visual regale, aipusheng hand in hand 21 attestation atelier exhibits jointly You Aipu is unripe " TM of art small spurt " output what craft outputs to provide representative video work quite, lover of the cameraman that is each district thereby, photography is offerred with Aipusheng " TM of art small spurt " the platform that 0 distances of output craft contact.
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