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Tianwei green light in China National Environmental Journey Tianwei supplies st
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October 16, "Tianwei environmental protection, light up China," National Environmental Protection Tianwei trip supplies was officially launched in Shenyang, Zhuhai, Tianwei Pan Ling Trading Co., Ltd. and its core dealer North Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenyang from Witte neighboring provinces of Liaoning and supplies nearly a hundred operators come together, held a grand and solemn launching ceremony of environmental lighting and supplies together with environmental protection and management of the development.
"Tianwei green light in China," National Environmental Tour Tianwei supplies from Zhuhai Co., Ltd. Tianwei Preparatory Ling Pan, and hopes to call attention to Tianwei national distributor of supplies to the supply industry, environmental protection, environmental protection, the supplies concept gradually penetrate into the sales channels, thereby affecting the interest of consumers to pay attention to this urgent supplies environmentally friendly theme of environmental protection.

Pan Ling Tianwei Tianwei person in charge of environmental protection has made over the years in various achievements, and share the emperor's energy conservation in the production and management, cleaner production of historical experience, everyone here has won the unanimous praise of supplies operators and widely recognized. Dealers are representative of the scene wearing a green ribbon supplies, environmental protection, and together with the emperor's solemn declaration, with their actual business operations to support Tianwei supplies, supplies to support environmental protection.

Tianwei activities also showed hundreds of new products and hot models of environmental protection products, causing great interest to the participating dealer. Print-Rite products and technical personnel on-site products were on display to explain to the emperor's environmental technology layer decomposition, into actual use, not only to deepen the dealer supplies of Tianwei environmental awareness, but also pointed out the supplies for the future operation direction of environmental protection, the enthusiastic response by the dealers, many dealers said after the event, their own supplies of the future operating Tianwei confidence.
The emperor's trip to the national environmental protection supplies first phase is divided into five stations, from the east, south, west, north and radiation five geographical location, Shenyang is the first stop on tour of environmental protection by the North dealer for the warm welcome, despite the cold wave hit the low temperature have to attend, a scene of supplies dealers said that under the business for many years to understand, Tianwei supplies over the years in the role of environmental protection plays a benchmark for the industry, has always insisted on "green print" for the production of guidelines, in the production process always pay attention to environmental protection, energy saving, clean production, as selection of raw materials recycled products, products, packaging materials made from recycled paper, plastic parts are used AP, ABS and other recyclable materials, and put into a lot of manpower and resources to develop renewable products, through the user "Recycle" philosophy permeated all walks of life. To attend this event, it is hoped that practical action to support Tianwei environmental protection, together with Tianwei supplies operators take social responsibility for environmental protection.

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