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Easily identify the genuine contribution to global supplies recycling cartridges
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China supplies market is rather peculiar, according to the survey, compared to foreign markets, China's short life and low-end printers out rate, one of the reasons is the user supplies a larger proportion of non-genuine, and original supplies and consumables market, including the compatibility Africa two major categories of supplies and counterfeit supplies, the former has a brand and different packaging, while the latter by the name of genuine consumables profiteering. I believe that the short life of China's low-end printers should be blamed more out of high proliferation of counterfeit supplies. Fight against counterfeit supplies become the common responsibility of society as a whole, but it requires not only the original manufacturer of the anti-counterfeiting efforts, and needs to go from the source and distribution channels to prevent counterfeiting supplies, and end users need to be vigilant when purchasing supplies, carefully distinguish between true and false. Here we have an example to introduce genuine HP supplies, supplies of recognition. HP offers a variety of general supplies, security check methods, our most common security through packaging labels and call the security code to be identified, in addition, users can send text messages on the site or the security check.

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