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General supplies innovative power market development in China
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Supplies of the technical barriers are focused breakthrough Printing supplies in Zhuhai, China 2010 International Exhibition held in Zhuhai, Zhuhai, this exhibition is organized by renewable Times Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Fourth International exhibition of printing supplies, it has become the world's largest printing supplies Show, regardless of size and influence beyond any previous show before, the influence of general supplies in the performance of the show on the head. According to the organizers of the exhibition in Zhuhai head of regeneration times with culture media described Guang, General Manager, Zhuhai, general supplies the current total size of more than 450 companies, 09 production of 150 million in export value is 8 pillar industries of Zhuhai, the majority of these enterprises are export-oriented enterprises, to Tianwei, NST, represented by enterprises to become the industry leader. It is because of industry concentration, coupled with high priority given by the Zhuhai government and help Support, Zhuhai has become the backbone of the printing supplies industry, and in the show ushered in the "Capital of the World printing supplies," the honorary title. General supplies industry in the development of common problems encountered in many international, how to break the original manufacturer technical barriers, to master the core technology, its own proprietary research and development issues such as mass national renewable supplies business to headache, The communication does not flow between countries have become the key to inhibiting the development of industry as a whole. In addition, this exhibition has become the general supplies industry showcase China as an important platform in the power industry, but also general supplies of domestic enterprises shows a strong technical strength. Banded abandon the development of independent innovation Zhuhai, China 2010 International Exhibition of printing supplies become generic supplies display technology and innovation strength of the best stage. Zhu Hai Yi Parker Microelectronics showcase the latest compatible supplies chips, and general supplies row Industry to bring the best, fastest and most complete inkjet and laser chip solution; Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd Shanghai Pu Ruisen on display at the show based OPC drum lathes and other equipment, also show for the industry the field of tailor-made Equipment, technical strength; as a 21-year-old Shi Dandi, also show the world's largest supplier of technical strength, production in the main do toner, chip, based on a total of 14,000 R & D products, the old production The recovery of goods and achieved a utilization rate of up to seven or eight times. Abandon the small workshop-style "Banded" means renewable, domestic general supplies commercial-scale production, increase investment in technology, so that after the current general print quality detection of no less than the original. As a general supplies leading industry Army's Tianwei, technology and innovation also has a remarkable strength. Senior Marketing Manager of Tianwei market, Mr. Isaac Poon said, in research and development, Tianwei create a "vertical integration" concept, in order to avoid Parts of "a loss for both sides," the cascade effect, the cartridge is more than fifty parts are mostly independent research and development, quality assurance, unity, and ensuring the quality of the finished product more stable, this "vertical integration" concept Tianwei study also proved the completeness and the production technology as the underlying strength of the supplier. To change the embarrassing situation of general supplies to grasp core technology and constant innovation has become a magic weapon supplies manufacturers, for Tianwei held annual "Tianwei Cup" printing supplies Patent and Design Competition. In this exhibition Conducted the contest, showing the current emperor's more than 1,200 patents, the achievements of the emperor's general supplies industry in the global number one position in total patents. Print-Rite Holdings Limited Chairman Mr. He Liangmei also set a goal: Next 10 years, to 2020, Tianwei registration number of patents in the global target is 5000. Tianwei general supplies the industry's top representative of the strength of his road of independent innovation for sustainable development of the industry found The road. China currently supplies industry, only to rely on independent innovation, and have the ability to respond to a patent lawsuit from multinational companies in the domestic and international markets to win competition; only rely on independent innovation, China can Accepted by consumers. NST's booth in the grid of the grid on the head of marketing for the brand introduced to Wang Jiong, after four to five years accumulation of technology and patents, the NST recently launched China's first independent intellectual property rights to the printer. Supplies rushed to the printer from the first-line providers and well-known manufacturers competitive field, which supplies the domestic manufacturers have to say a big leap forward, bypassing their technical barriers, with their own printers and supplies necessary to enter the market With a one-stop service to expand the industrial chain, from passive to active lead the way to follow, so that the spirit of the domestic commercial general supplies startled. But the NST printer will set technical barriers, whether to allow other operators to do it and supplies Content delivery, the NST is still no clear attitude. Solid channel market development in China Currently the center of the Pearl River Delta, Zhuhai, has formed a very large scale production base of supplies, printing supplies worldwide production and gradually transferred to China, in such a big situation, China has not only become a print Machine's main producing countries, but also become the largest producer of consumables. And general supplies in environmental protection, innovation and price advantage, through the tireless efforts of the industry, has been of great importance in the market, obtained with the original Supplies equal opportunities for dialogue. General supplies in the global market, the largest proportion in Europe and the United States, have 30% share of China's market share of about 15% share, although not significant, but China's growing Demand and potential market capacity, the degree of concern for the domestic market has been increasing. Zhuhai Trade Co., Ltd. is Tianwei Pan Ling responsible for the establishment of domestic marketing company, about agency business has been awfully finished eighteen years, in recent years by the agents of foreign sales of some of the top parts of China Business, development of a comprehensive China market. On the Pan-Ling of China in this channel layout, the photographic materials business, Mr. Zhou Jun, director of music, said the current Pan-Ling in the domestic market very mature and extensive distribution channels. In Face of the industry big customer, the use of Direct approach, so that the sales line can serve the government, banks and other industries; in the face of the end user to open up channels, the Pan-Ling both their investment outlets, but also to Agents in the hands of the image of the store. First-tier cities across the country, opened more than ten Pan Ling's Direct stores, from sales to service, Pan Ling train services, can be said that all domestic cities of resources controlled by the Pan-Ling himself. In the city And a number of Computer City, a comprehensive evaluation by the Pan Ling standard choice, the agents take care of business to the general image of the store was established, and Pan Ling also hold after-sales service, so that measures to ensure the products and services are not out of line Uniform quality control. Grid of the grid in charge of marketing for the brand Jiong Wang also said that the government support in the form of general supplies, NST and constantly develop the government procurement market, with the Tianjin, Dandong and other provincial and municipal governments the successful twenty good results . Mining operations in the government, the NST has also developed such as the financial system, small and medium enterprises and other industrial users, home users in the face of the terminal, the NST provides a store, online sales, dealers are three ways to buy it c NST is the major species of channel sales channels. NST chose the concept of different agents in the past, he was under the influence of each region's industries, such as laser, inkjet, the different services, the selection of core agents, but also has six branches are three things Promotion Department to do national service, it can be said of the grid cells occupied 80% of the brand and city market. Although China's market share accounts for only a tenth of global sales NST, but in the Chinese market and channel layout, the NST is still moving steadily, proceed with caution. With strict evaluation criteria in the selection area of nuclear Center agents, while also active in the expansion of Beijing, Shanghai, OA channels also increased efforts in the provinces and cities to actively establish a total of two hundred "close shop", wide and designed the layout of the channels, power grid of the grid brands in China development, For intellectual property rights to meet the upcoming channels for the printer to lay a solid foundation. In 2010, Zhuhai, China International Exhibition printing supplies the display and promotion, based on industry concentration, firm road of independent innovation, solid and strong channels to open up the market, the stage of general supplies will be more broad.

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