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Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, a hospital supplies 30% of the tender commissio
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Recently, Express received a report entitled "Lianyungang, a hospital," behind closed doors "is what the tender to comply with the rules," the complaint materials. Material violation of First People's Hospital of Lianyungang directed the Ministry of Health, Jiangsu Provincial Health Office, as stipulated in bidding alone for medical supplies, and allow suppliers to sell products to return 10% -30% of the amount of supplies or cash rebates. Also being engaged in secret operations in the bidding, so that some small companies do not meet the conditions under false pretenses. How the situation in the end? Express conducted a survey of journalists rushed to Lianyungang. The hospital said the "clawback" issue does not exist, and on whether a company suspected of fraud investigation. Meanwhile, the hospital also argued that the complaint, said the tender material, in fact, is the point distribution (supply) for the selection of suppliers. Some lawyers argued that the hospital had already issued a tender notice, and with a full set of tender documents, even though the hospital claimed that the activity is selected, it is essentially still a tender, a move suspected violation of state regulations. The selection can not read "Companies go in small, strong company is out of the game, is hard to read." November 18, Lianyungang First People's Hospital held a "2011 distribution point for medical supplies (supply) provider selection" activities. As the First People's Hospital of Lianyungang general supplies distribution business person in charge, ZHANG Gang (a pseudonym) has been uneasy heart. Because his company is still unknown whether the short-listed. After selection, the results be announced soon. Zhang Gang noted that the assessment results released at the hospital in: orthopedic supplies identified four suppliers, heart and blood vessels involved in determining the two suppliers, test kit to determine the six suppliers, other general medical supplies identified 10 name suppliers, private plane to determine the five suppliers. Zhang is just more concerned about the general list of medical supplies shortlisted companies. According to information released by official website of the hospital, is the top 10 pharmaceutical business Lianyungang Kang Yuan Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Wataru Rainbow 10 suppliers. Zhang Gang's company is not in the list, but before this, Zhang and just have a First People's Hospital of Lianyungang City, partnership for many years, the annual volume of business in the several hundred million. Zhang Gang said, see this list, his head suddenly to Mongolia! But in the ensuing investigation, Zhang just discovered that the release of suppliers, in addition to several state-owned enterprises, small companies suspected of making false bids fraud judges scores. Zhang Gang, for example, cardiac and vascular intervention is a former two suppliers of a Ltd. and Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, a company. Medical Devices Co., Ltd. in Beijing Maidi Kai Mao Technology Co., Ltd. and Nanjing force the heart and blood vessels involved in this strong and experienced. This is a hospital two companies for many years and Lianyungang good relations of cooperation, each delivers a continuous 2067 year seven or eight hundred million in medical equipment, and not had any major security incidents, but both the Lama, eye-popping . The two units selected strength then? "The former operating area of only 100 square meters, the company only a few employees. In the areas of orthopedic and heart there is no sales experience and service capabilities; which was established in 2003, the business area of only 40 square meters, and in the said tender own more than 200 square meters of business area. " Ming-Kuang Wang (a pseudonym) as a general supplies Lianyungang local suppliers, the focus of his general supplies are the top 10 suppliers who: "top 10 suppliers, 8 home is the local Lianyungang, Lianyungang, in addition to health margin pharmaceutical business Co., Ltd., Jiang Su Suyun Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shandong Weigao Medical Polymer Co., Ltd. that three companies have strong strength, many other companies are unconvincing, such as a company Lianyungang, only do professional reagents, supplies almost not done, but it was short-listed companies, and it stands out from more than 170 companies, which is not what is insider trading? Another example, a company has and Lianyungang, Shanghai First People's Hospital to seven or eight years, and this time it was lost in the elections, replaced by a company in Lianyungang, the company was started in December 2009 to do orthopedics. so that such companies to supply, how to ensure patient safety? "Ming-Kuang Wang that , described the selection of the so-called dense fog. A company's executives were bluntly told reporters: "The so-called selection, fair, just and open manner not reflected, into a small company, the strength of the company is out of the game, is hard to read." The reported bid The eve of opening, tender evaluation will be suddenly changed its name to the selection, the margin dropped out because someone reported to the Discipline Inspection Commission of Jiangsu Province. After the publication of the assessment results, the First People's Hospital of Lianyungang City, on the official website also announced the hospital room to monitor the telephone, publicity period of three working days. Ming-Kuang Wang said: "We had wanted to call in the past reflect the 'selection' process problems, but still did not dare to contemplate this phone again!" Zhang Gang, takes a similar view: "He does not give me this year, we also hope next year, if the turn out, not good for us! "because a lot of concerns, in an interview, Zhang Gang, and M. K. Wang has repeatedly asked the reporter to their relevant personal information confidential. "We wanted to reflect the existing problems, but do not want to expose themselves!" In fact, in the selection will be held on the eve, some people were to the Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection report. Lianyungang report said flagrant violation of the First People's Hospital, Ministry of Health, Provincial Health Office documents, to avoid centralized purchasing, held without bidding. According to a press investigate and understand that this year October 22 to 29 period, Zhang Gang, Ming-Kuang Wang, who received a First People's Hospital of Lianyungang tender, hospital says the year 2011 to conduct bidding and purchasing of medical supplies. The report, "First People's Hospital of Lianyungang City, centralized bidding and procurement of medical supplies, file directory," the material a total of 22 pages, divided into six parts. Are: medical consumables bidding announcement, the tender procurement of medical supplies for Proposal, the First People's Hospital of Lianyungang City, demand for medical supplies, tables, filling requirements, Orthopedics, Cardiology and high-value brand that supplies procurement, centralized procurement and distribution of medical supplies (supply) contracts. Reporter noted, material suppliers on the bidders set the threshold: should have medical equipment production (operations) and its agents, and other relevant qualifications of the independent legal person qualification, registered capital of no less than 100 million business with the city not less of a hospital on the following criteria (in the hospital for storage of data the actual date): diagnostic reagents used alone tenders: not less than 10 million in 2009 and the first half of 2010 no less than 5 million. Separate vote ophthalmology, dental supplies tenders: by the hospital to do further development of bidding and purchasing volume of business standards. Other tenders: not less than 50 million in 2009 and the first half of 2010 not less than 30 million. Orthopedics, Cardiology, bidders must choose the hospital in March 2010 the list of suppliers, shall not participate in orthopedics, medical supplies tender heart; 2010 Lianyungang winning finalists bidding supplies suppliers. According to the material shows that the time is really tender sale October 22, 2010 to 29, the tender closing date is at 5:00 p.m. on November 15th, 2010, written bid location is the First People's Hospital of Lianyungang City, medical equipment, office, opening time is at 8:30 on November 18, 2010. According to reports, the tender is divided into five categories, each category of the tender documents price is 300 yuan. In addition, bids of bidders should have the content requirements: company profiles, company registration certificate of medical devices, manufacturing (business) licenses, permits and other legal codes. Zhang Gang told reporters, in accordance with the requirements of each enterprise is required to bid 20 million deposit paid to the hospital, such as investment and reagents separately, oral, ophthalmic supplies tenders, the bid bond is required to pay 10 million. But in opening the eve of a sudden things changed. November 17, Ming-Kuang Wang said he received the First People's Hospital of Lianyungang City, a notice, the hospital said that in some cases need to be changed. "Prior to the tender to change the name, now called the 2011 distribution point for medical supplies (supply) provider selection will be assessed. 20 million deposit and subsequently the cost of tender back." The details of the survey at a press conference to get a number of proven suppliers of medical supplies. Nanjing, one supplier said: "The margin is indeed back, but we do not know the specific reasons!" Ming-Kuang Wang said, "We later learned that one at this time, it was reported to the Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, said that the first people in Lianyungang Hospital bidding irregularities. " Was none other voluntary Suppliers to the hospital "voluntary profit sharing," the interval between 10% -30%, if not let, may be out. Ming-Kuang Wang said that although the November 17 phone call to "tender" to "selection", but in fact still in the bidding, but only for a name. "Some companies are involved in several sections, as far as I know, the entire security deposit plus the cost of the tender, the hospital returned to the supplier a total of 7.46 million yuan." Ming-Kuang Wang said that in the past and Lianyungang First People's Hospital in the process of cooperation, but also the existence of a "voluntary" none other issues. "For example I sold in 2008 worth 300 million general hospital supplies, I also gave the hospital invoices issued 300 million, but the hospital gave me was actually paid only 270 million, of which the deduction by the hospital 10% of Jiu out, the company called to the hospital to ask the accounting, the hospital said, and what is none other. " "My company's accounts and hospitals not on the number of accounts, financial accounts of the hospital I went to read some of the withheld funds, appear as 'bad debts account'." Ming-Kuang Wang said, this is the so-called potential within the industry rules. According to my understanding, suppliers to the hospital "voluntary profit sharing," the interval between 10% -30%. In general, the general supplies is 10%; such as orthopedics, heart medicine supplies a large profit margins, profit sharing rate is also large, typically 30% of the invoice amount. Medical supplies is now the Ministry of Health, Provincial Health Office of centralized purchasing departments, the hospital's purchase price should be the Ministry of Health, Provincial Health Office to determine the price of centralized procurement. How could that suppliers willing to make none other in this price it? Questions to reporters, Ming-Kuang Wang said, and now the First People's Hospital of Lianyungang in the medical supplies there are more than 170 companies, almost every family has a few brands on hand, competition is fierce. As a supplier, even if to a certain degree of interest, profits or can, in particular, orthopedic supplies, more profitable, if not the words of none other could have been eliminated. Although the provider may, after none other interests, but patients can enjoy the benefits it? Ming-Kuang Wang said: "Patients get benefits is impossible, although we had none other to the hospital, but hospital or released in accordance with provincial sales of supplies to patients in the price, that part of the profit sharing, in fact, became the hospital of the bag things! said plainly, is the second bargaining. " Three focus According to the First People's Hospital of Lianyungang official website information, the hospital was founded in October 1951. Radiation more than 700 million population. Total assets of 700 million yuan. In total 85 million clinic visits, the number of 37,000 people in hospital, the total income of 5.6 billion. The eastern region has become the largest Xuhuai, medical service, teaching, research, prevention, care, rehabilitation, first aid is one of the three A-level general hospital. "In order to regulate a variety of materials procurement and management, especially from the perspective of the program to be straightened out, something really specific in this regard is my responsibility, hospitals do not do such a department set up the tender." Morning of December 17, Lianyungang first LI Hospital Director of Finance for a star to accept the reporters, and the materials mentioned in the report focus on issues related to response. 1 is the bidding or selection? Report: Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, won the bid for a hospital supplies for a second negotiation and tender, self-tenders to carry out the supplier selection and distribution, is a blatant violation of national policy. Response: We are on the distribution (supply) to carry out the selection, to choose the strong, anti-risk ability, and strong distribution company, announced the beginning of the selection is real tender. It is understood, June 21, 2007 issued by the Ministry of Health Health Planning and Finance [2007] No. 208, "the Ministry of Health focus on further strengthening the procurement of medical equipment management," which stipulates that medical equipment (including medical equipment and medical supplies) to implement centralized procurement approach. Centralized purchasing by local management principles to government-led, sub-central, provincial and city levels to the provincial-based organization and implementation. All levels of government, industry and state-owned enterprises to organize all the non-profit medical institutions, should participate in centralized purchasing of medical devices. Medical institutions must not evade any of centralized purchasing. In 2008, the Jiangsu Provincial Health Department issued a "medical institution on the part of the province to carry out medical supplies online centralized procurement notice." Notice that, according to state regulations, the Health Department intends to implement in order to save some medical supplies for the centralized procurement unit. Said the Health Department will carry out notification of general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, anesthesia, blood purification and six provincial centralized purchasing of medical supplies, not to the species around the centralized procurement. In addition, the notice also said the Health Department of Jiangsu Province Health Department decided to set up centralized purchasing of medical materials management office, the province is responsible for centralized procurement of medical supplies and organize the implementation of the daily management of ... ... medical institutions across the province for more than two candidates must focus on variety of procurement Select procurement varieties, and the network platform to reflect the true purchase orders for medical supplies, manufacturers respond to, distribution, procurement and acceptance of information and work. Zhang Gang told reporters that the Health Department of Jiangsu Province, document 206 may specify further successful species around the tender, should be the implementation of the provincial health department's online distribution, and Lianyungang, a hospital supplies of the Provincial Health Department, the successful implementation of varieties of online distribution has not been put in place . The hospital has become the largest in eastern Xuhuai, medical service, teaching, research, prevention, care, rehabilitation, first aid is one of the three A-level general hospital supplies in Jiangsu Province won the bid and tender for the second negotiation, self- Select the tender to carry out the supply and distribution, is a blatant violation of the policy of the Ministry of Health. First Hospital of Lianyungang star Lee Director of Finance, said the tender on the medical supplies, the central, provincial and municipal organizations are concentrated in the bidding, involving a lot of varieties and specifications, manufacturers are also numerous. "I remember in 2009 when the July and August, the provincial health department organizational unity and strength of the company engaged in distribution, some of the strength of the weak companies are washed off. Now only the first People's Hospital of Lianyungang, in the medical supplies suppliers and distributors have more than 170, these companies was mixed, good and bad. This year, we learn from the practice of the provincial health department, for distribution (suppliers) for selection, to choose the strong, anti-risk ability, strong distribution capabilities company. just began issuing tenders, and its essence is the selection, but it was reported to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, we learned that a president in charge of the original manufacturers call a provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, said that some of our local small companies to get came in , yet ruled out some of the biggest field in the outside. This is actually nonsense. Our review of the findings are published online, many of which are foreign companies, local companies shortlisted in the local but also have quite good strength. " Li star said that in accordance with relevant state regulations, hospitals can not really be re-tendering for hospital supplies. "We started to do is to find strength of the manufacturers, but later some manufacturers of social relations taking into account the unusual, some manufacturers in order to prevent interference with our normal selection, we will to the city discipline inspection commission, the Municipal Health Bureau, the city's Procuratorate department report. In order to ensure strength selected enterprises, the beginning actually received 20 million bond, but later the Municipal Health Bureau and other departments of the advice is: Since the start you selection, not necessarily need to pay a security deposit, otherwise there is a suspicion of the tender, so the margin on the back. held November 18 in the assessment, the hospital also invited the Health Bureau, the Procuratorate, and other units involved. This is a sensitive matter, involving the adjustment of interests. In assessment, confirmed to be squeezed out some companies, their heart is certainly not uncomfortable. there are reported cases, but also we expected. " Li star said that the reason is not tender selection, there are three points: First, the selection of medical supplies related to the scope of the national, provincial and municipal health departments to determine the range; the second is not related to price; Third, the supplier is also the national, provincial and municipal departments to determine the range of suppliers. 2 material without fraud? Report: The selected vendors, some small companies reporting material fraud exists, some strength of large companies have lost. Response: There is currently no related fraud received a report on the material, who were selected, who defeated the scene are the result of the collective assessment. In the survey, a number of suppliers and distribution companies of the responsible person, the selected suppliers, except for a few state-owned enterprises, small companies reporting material fraud problem exists. Lee star said the review, the city's Procuratorate, the Health Bureau and other relevant departments who are involved, the relevant personnel in the field inspectors. 18-day review, all the judges are experts from the hospital library on-site extraction. As requested, the judges must score in the evaluation of the scene, announced on the spot after assessment of the results. Our number one was not even reported to the scene is how to how to. " Li star describes the specific hospital involved in the assessment of the experts are experts in the clinical front line. Something really easy to use, can not be used, they have the ability to make a choice. As for how to check the authenticity of the application materials, Li star, said the hospital setting a lot of material on the declaration of the specific conditions. "We asked to participate in the selection of enterprises to provide information related to business registration and related things we require suppliers to provide pictures." Determine how the other side of the plant photos in the area of it? Lee said: "If there is fraud in the application materials in question, once we verified, you can cancel the supply of qualifications. Therefore, for the supplier, the relatively high cost of fraud!" Reports in the press to get materials, also referred to by name specific companies. For these problems, Li stars have responded. He said that defeat for the case of a Beijing-based company, according to his understanding, the company's strength is indeed strong, but some of the stronger competitors. And Beijing's emphasis that the company is not enough, the hospital although the company regretted losing, but there is no way that this is the result of a collective review. The defeat of that company in Nanjing, Lee seemed like a normal star. "In recent years, Nanjing that company to do business in our hospital less and less, are now eliminated, normal." Material for the report referred to several local companies Lianyungang material fraud in the declaration of the problem, Li star said before the reporter, they have not received the relevant reports. Therefore, the relevant circumstances are not clear. He said: "The hospital will monitor the sector led the investigation of specific companies to see if there is material fraud problems, related results will be a press 通报." 3 unspoken rules exist? Report: Several distribution (supply) provider, said the First People's Hospital of Lianyungang have encountered 10% -30% of voluntary ones who enjoy the unspoken rules. Response: "there can be no such a thing! The so-called profit sharing situation is not workable." Period in Lianyungang, a reporter contacted several distribution (supply) provider, told reporters that they have suffered in the First People's Hospital of Lianyungang none other than a voluntary 10% -30% of the unspoken rules. One supplier even that force net of profit sharing in the hospital, she was also required to deduct part of the money wrote "voluntary contributions to the book." They reflect the true? In this regard, Li star categorically denied. "There can be no such thing. In accordance with the principles of centralized procurement. Supplier will supply medical supplies came, we did not got any links to restrict him, the so-called profit sharing situation is not workable." But this, Ming-Kuang Wang said, "Focus" is not exposed to second bargaining Xuzhou some hospitals do it? Xuzhou those related to the hospital, is to require suppliers to price in the centralized procurement of medicines and profit sharing once again. "Profit sharing does lead to the loss of our interests are. But let it not give some of the patients, but taken away by the hospital. As a supplier, we also have the means to recover losses, anyway, out of the sheep wool who ultimately suffer most, or patients who we do business is the trading loss would not do. "Ming-Kuang Wang told reporters, as a supplier, their cooperation in the process and the hospital, the hospital of their constraints a lot. Suppliers are now so many, you do not give in, do not let, you are out. This time, such as the so-called selection, not that the constraints of the hospital the subject? Lawyers say: in essence is the selection of tenders called According to some vendors, told reporters, after they had to be held in Lianyungang First People's Hospital without bidding, the second negotiation, tender to the existence of fraud and other problems reflect the Health Department of Jiangsu Province, but so far no reply. December 17 afternoon, the reporter repeatedly call the Health Department, Jiangsu Province, the centralized procurement of medical materials management office of the telephone, but has been unable to connect. Member of China Law Society, Law Firm Director of Jiangsu Mao Tong Liu Mao lawyers said, the hospital medical supplies during the bidding process, shall comply with relevant laws and regulations and health administrative departments of the spirit of the normative documents. First People's Hospital of Lianyungang, has released a tender notice, but also comes with a full set of tender documents. Although later renamed to "selection", after the event, said the hospital also advocated for the selection, but the whole process is essentially still a tender. "As a hospital, they bid the company's qualifications and relevant information has the obligation to review, should ensure that they meet the tender conditions. If the check is not strict, so that some unqualified companies to enter the patient's safety and health can not be guaranteed. "Liu Mao Tong Law told reporters, according to the law, the bidding process is strictly prohibited kickbacks, kickbacks is essentially a bribery, in line with the conditions prescribed in the Penal Code, will be held criminally responsible. If it is through the payment of kickbacks, providing false materials, and other means of winning bid, the bid is invalid behavior. Other interested bidders (suppliers) have the right to challenge and report, and can provide evidence to require the re-bidding and bid activities. Bidding Unit (hospital) is true after investigation, the problem should be abolished successful results, re-organize the bidding activities.

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