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Duplicating paper of Double A of the outstanding medium that print 30 yuan every
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Double A duplicating paper is duplicating paper of a high end, while high grade printout lets you experience the fun that print, high price lets many users look really and go no further. The author issues this duplicating paper to everybody introduction below, market price 30 yuan every packets, at the same time agency report buys the price into box will more substantial, everybody mights as well go looking.

Price of reference of market of Double A duplicating paper: 30 yuan / bag

Good function sending paper, the accurate humidity control in producing a course ensures paper is in what level off maintained to reduce paperboard phenomenon in duplicate process to happen. The clarity when duplicate is distinct, what paper face is helpful for unbleached attune glossily is perfect turn imprint make duplicate file distinct be just as manuscript. The efficient of clipping of machine of knife coming back that paper classics modernization goes to the lavatory when the province, accurate paper won't conglutinate reduces copycat double deck to send paper and paperboard phenomenon to save working hours to improve work efficiency thereby together.

Paper color is white and bright, the raw material that carries use high quality and production of modern production technology give tall Baidu paper to make printed writing more clear thereby. Prolong the service life of copycat, the amount containing dirt that reduces paper without cut angle of Mao Bian added paper face to reduce copycat greatly glossily wear away the number that reachs maintenance.

Two sides is used, save paper save money, the raw material of high quality makes paper is had good opaque degree decreased pervious to light the gender makes two sides copies won't interact. Make sure 500 pieces are packed, each standard is packed in the paper that contains 500 Zhang Gao character.

Edifice of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 4887 rooms

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Company name: Trade of division of Beijing Lang Sian estate limited company
Contact: Li Yinhua
Connect a telephone call: 010-82617330 62562847 13488663087
Shop address: Edifice of electron of ZhongGuanCun sea otter 4887 rooms

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