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Duplicating paper of A4 of 70g lucky bird sales promotion of privilege of 160 yu
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Show many companies to paper use also even more hardworking and thrifty, double-faced use, cut use wait for a phenomenon to be able to see in many companies, but we need to buy new duplicating paper likewise. The duplicating paper of lucky bird A4 70g that the author gives everybody introduction moderate of a price here, it is very substantial that 160 yuan substantial price returns every case, the friend that has intention mights as well direct phone contacts a businessman.

Price of reference of market of duplicating paper of lucky bird A4 70g: 160 yuan / box (10 packets)

Lucky bird is muti_function duplicating paper can support a variety of equipment that print, apply to electrograph of copycat, laser printer, ink jet printer, common paper to wait use. Loose ply is tall the figure that has tenacity become reconciled and feel, quite had spent not it is good that paperboard runs a gender via electrostatic processing. Use full automatic change cut into parts it is good to cut stability of quality management, quality, whiteness accords with whiteness of international standard environmental protection.

Room of C3584 of city of number of ZhongGuanCun E world

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Company name: Beijing Tian Nenghuan inferior limited company of digital science and technology
Contact: Forest Qing Dynasty
Connect a telephone call: 62685751 13501133633
Shop address: Room of C3584 of city of number of ZhongGuanCun E world

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