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Printing paper of crystal of A6 Le Kai sales promotion of 13 yuan of every packe
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Small today make up everybody to bring paper of photograph of crystal of an A6 Le Kai, every wrap 50 pieces, suttle 260g. Whitened paper character and high grade paper quality, can bring more surprises to you. Sell paper of this crystal photograph on field price now 13 yuan every packets, interested friend mights as well go looking.

Price of reference of market of paper of photograph of crystal of Le Kai A6: 13 yuan / bag (260g)

Using on, le Kai printing paper applies to printer of all sorts of fuel ink jet ink jet, support 1440, 2880, 4800 and the high accuracy such as 5760dpi is printed. In the design image that prints of all kinds high grade, realize professional picture quality to output a characteristic, what let consumer completely experience Le Kai to go up in photograph picture output is doughty. Print the effect to achieve what you need, first-rate of the choice after you can experiment prints setting mode, but the manual according to all sorts of brand printer, adjust the color of own be fond of undertakes printing.

This printing paper can say the product that is a special material benefit on market, so low price adds the paper performance that provides temptation extremely, did not suit to pass to be in domestic user. What extensive applicability is worth to be carried is, what in use should notice to print a face is correct, not fold or scathing surface. Print quality to ensure, odd paper asks replace paper bag in sealed save.

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