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Of the A3 be economical that print choose " white bag " printing paper only ever
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"White bag " did not pack namely, paper of this A3 photograph the price is very substantial, because was saved,pack charge not only, at the same time the product is holding low in the arms to take the attitude of the market originally. Sell at present on field this " white bag " price of A3 printing paper only 22 yuan, interested friend can get in touch with the businessman directly.

"White bag " price of reference of market of A3 printing paper: 22 yuan / bag

This A3 printing paper is suttle for 200g, every wrap 20 pieces. Opposite at mass brand printer, this A3 paper can take paper neatly, won't create the appearance such as paperboard, after all A3 printing paper every pieces of amount to is very expensive, paperboard prints cost lesser smaller also. Be worth what carry is, sell many evil chamber of commerce on field to load a few not famous Bao Bai printing paper now brand printing paper is packed inside, sell at high price next piece, buy white bag printing paper so not only be economical returns save worry.

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