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HP of 25 yuan of every packets of famous brand sell like hot cakes of duplicatin
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Everybody is familiar with HP brand very much, printer of the HP on its printer market gets everybody's welcome, also inferior none in the HP on paper actually color. Everybody introduction gives paragraph HP duplicating paper below, the duplicating paper that shows 75 grams has agency to give carry out 25 yuan every packets, the friend that has need mights as well get in touch with agency directly.

HP A4 duplicating paper (price of 75g) market reference: 25 yuan / bag

HP duplicating paper is an office uses paper, the norms of its A4 accords with the most type that print, HP office paper of Gao Bai not only not easy paperboard and printout essence is accurate, it is a very good product. In the picture we can see paper of its HP office one casket has 5 to make, make namely the one packet that big the daily life of a family says, one casket has 2500 pieces of paper that print. And the HP duplicating paper of 75g rectifies box to include 2 casket, namely 10 your altogether have 5000 pieces, if if the opposite is used, you are printing 10000 pages.

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