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Experience of A3 office overflow includes colour gush paper in vain 28 yuan ever
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This A3 " white bag " colour gush paper is the cheap and fine product that the paragraph prints office demand in the light of daily A3 and rolls out, low price is its have attraction place most, match at the same time with high grade paper quality, your requirement can be satisfied on daily office output. As a result of " white bag " wrapping mount to save many cost not only, at the same time the brand charge, charge such as advertisement also is reduced substantially, its price is so low. Sell the price on field now 28 yuan every packets, every wrap 20 pieces, interested friend can look.

A3 " Bao Bai " price of reference of market of colour gush paper: 28 yuan / bag

This A3 " newsprint " with a variety of features that own mass brand paper, high resolution supports, fine writing clarity is shown, add the instant to absorb the character such as ink, make its go up to still have very much in output assure. Alleged look for a good paper to be printed now to you not only helpful, also have to the in the future cost that print at the same time guide buy point to, everybody mights as well great and advertent.

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