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Business of A3 width of cloth uses price of market of chromatic ink jet printer
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HP Deskjet 1280 a 4 color, A3 business uses printer of chromatic ink jet. This product belongs to business to use A3 the low end in colour gush introductory level type, have very high gender price to compare, suit to need to realize A3 quite the user that prints demand basically. Show this type to sell make work now on field 1380 yuan, the user that wants to experience gush of A3 width of cloth is hit can get in touch with agency directly.

Value of market of printer of ink jet of width of cloth of HP Deskjet 1280 A3: 1380 yuan

HP Deskjet 1280 is minutely the speed of text of 11 pages color that print and minutely 14 pages black intagliated characters prints rate originally (A4 width of cloth) , not outstanding in printer of A3 width of cloth, but be located in introductory class user surely considering it, believe a choose and buy its user can be accepted. The highest resolution that print is printer of ink jet of width of cloth of HP 1280 A3 4800 × 1200dpi, buy 32MHz prints processor and 8MB memory inside (cannot upgrade) , be not worth somewhat in respect of the memory that print, so the author does not suggest to use it to do print for long continuously.

Support of HP Deskjet 1280 believes a size to wait for all sorts of types to print paper to A3 placard dimension from A6 name, and still support the heavy pound of umbriferous film and the thickest 280g print paper, the month prints bear 5000 pages. Use USB 2.0 strings together mouth, IEEE1284 to run paralell two kinds of port and computer are linked together, and still can choose the buy outside matching HP Jetdirect to print a server, share in office environment with convenient user print.

Printer of ink jet of width of cloth of HP Deskjet 1280 A3 uses HP 45 name (black) with HP 78 date (color) ink box, shower nozzle and type of ink box an organic whole are designed, talent of later period bad news is a bit expensive, but the printing effect of the raw material that hold cost is more conspicuous.

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