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HP1005 of assistant of introductory class office is black and white stimulate hi
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Although beginning to replace black and white laser printer slowly in popular color laser printer now, but average household and small-sized office environment still with black and white print give priority to, so in low end is black and white the shipment of the laser printer is measured or certain room does not fall. Disclose according to business of sell on commission, HP 1005 show price to be 1550 yuan.

HP price of market of 1005 black and white laser printers: 1550 yuan

In machine of numerous and black and white an organic whole, HP the sale of 1005 is a very tall, its performance is exceedingly excellent on expression. Its speed that print defends oneself for 15ppm(letter)X14ppm(A4) physics rate for 600X600dpi, although be not highlighted, but the main trend is being compared on this price. In scanning respect, HP1005 black and white laser printer is had be as high as 19200dpi to increase defend oneself lead and be as high as 1200X1200dpi optics to assign argue rate, the scanning platform of CIS scanning component and flat type lets it be behaved in scanning respect more outstanding. Copying this one, it supports 25% to 400% shrink put scale, airframe deserves to have USB2.0 port, and mark matchs to enter carton. It can undertake double-faced print, requirement hand moves an operation, airframe deserves to 150 pages enter carton, 10 pages actor or actress advanced paper inserts groove, can print A4 width of cloth the following any dimension, very convenient, quick.

1005 black and white printer are in HP outside the style that the brief vogue that HP product practice goes to continued on the exterior, still undertook further improve. It joined carton lid on the design, have hand in prevent the sundry descent such as dirt. Still had moistureproof effect at the same time, made sure printer moves goodly, another also more safeguard easily. This printer is in edifice of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron to be being sold with 1600 yuan price, hope broad client not misses good opportunity.

Edifice of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 3858 rooms

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Company name: Benefit of Beijing vessel Xin vacates limited company of science and technology
Contact: Feng Liang
Connect a telephone call: 010-89655801 13269567163
Storefront address: City of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 3858 rooms

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