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Professional photograph gush hits love general to give birth to R1900 price 5700
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This love general gives birth to printer of 1900 ink jet, of new-style LUT technology introduce the stability that outputs the effect through optimizing complex ink combination automatically to assure further, and the new measure that extensive medium adaptability and particular CD printed a function to offer shadow building industry to extend business chance with personalized appreciation service. Present price is this machine 5700 yuan, the friend that likes photography can look.

Love general gives birth to value of market of printer of 1900 ink jet: 5700 yuan

The place of the person of another serious offence of Epson Stylus Photo R1900 was to introduce brand-new LUT technology namely, this technology uses the algorithm of high accuracy, optimize Chinese ink automatically to measure data, in order to ensure every pieces of picture that Epson Stylus Photo R1900 presents is had more smooth transfer, less grain sense and wider colour gamut range, achieve thereby optimal into like the effect.

Besides have your the major that cameraman is convinced is become like the effect besides, unique small the extensive adaptability that pressed technology of the head that print to assure to be tasted newly, besides groovy common paper or photograph paper, burnish paper, inferior machine-glazed paper, fleece-faced the of all kinds and special paper such as paper of paper, bright white watercolour, epson Stylus Photo R1900 also is " sweep the deck " not by accident. The special passageway taking paper that mark matchs reachs fittings, the need that your user can express according to work chooses the most appropriate medium neatly: Be like inferior machine-glazed paper suits to print paper of scene photograph, wide range to feel in order to pledge be good at, and art paper criterion more be good at art work output waiting.

At the same time the diversity of this product and also let industry user easily benefit a lot with the gender, body reveals Aipusheng to be with the person this design concept. The Epson Stylus Photo R1900 that believes beautiful of color art all is sure to print the market to bring huge impact to A3 width of cloth, those who play digital photography output most ictus.

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