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Enjoy price of market of D5368 of the fast HP that print 820 yuan
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The HP D5368 speed that print is quick, the black and white resolution of the optimal color resolution that is as high as 4800dpi and 1200dpi assures what to hit be seen namely, and need you one minute to be able to be obtained only amount to 32 pages black and white or the output of high quality text of 24 pages color, only 26 seconds can print 4x6 quickly inch photograph, quick print the save labour when helping you save daily save worry. Show price of printer of this ink jet on ZhongGuanCun market 820 yuan, the friend that has demand can contact agency.

Miserable value of market of printer of HP D5368 ink jet: 820 yuan

Printer of text of HP D5368 photograph can be printed not only lifelike photograph and high quality black and white or chromatic documentation, what make a person surprizing more is, it still deploys CD and DVD CD at the same time dish the face prints a function. Cooperate to fall in HP Vivera inky, you are OK the family member or the friend's photograph is printed directly go up in CD and DVD CD. Use software of random and accessary Roxio Express Labeler, you still can think CD makes personalized photograph and text version easily quickly, make the glamour gift that belongs to your individual only!

Not only such, software of Roxio Express Labeler still can print dimension of of all kinds photograph, adjust exposure, colour, found album page, and share a photograph through email or Web album. Still can be arranged by name of date, file or key word and search a photograph. D5368 still has outstanding intelligent webpage to print a technology, can adjust the webpage automatically suit paper width, print the page that loses without content thereby. You still can select the some part of many webpages at will, put its intelligent webpage " clip and paste is thin " in, subsequently the choice prints wants content, automatic induction technology assures equipment HP to print a face to go up to print a setting to print a photograph with first-rate in correct paper from beginning to end. Configure liquid crystal of image of 1.5 inches of color to display screen, indication screen of chromatic image liquid crystal can let a photograph preview more clear, you need not the smiling face that PC can examine a friend easily, the warmth of family, choose to want printed picture thereby. One key type is red-eyed eliminate a technique, make you remove red-eyed effect easily. Additional, 4 memory card inserts groovy equipment, also help you realize the off line with simple operation easily to print.

What be worth commend most is the efficient and double-faced printing function that HP PS D5368 has, the random and accessary automatic and double-faced unit that print can ensure print double-faced documentation easily, save paper and cost, and do not have an influence to printing speed a bit. It still deserves to have automatic photograph carton, when the photograph that print, 5x7 inch special photograph carton can take paper automatically, all processes are to be finished automatically.
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