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HP of stop production type 1020 black and white surge dozen of price 1400 yuan
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Black and white laser printer of HP LaserJet 1020plus shows already stop production, as once sold well one of classical model of the whole nation, believe many users have a special liking to its. And selling in near future author when be being visited on field, still discovered money of end of a few 1020plus is, price 1400 yuan, be about to buy as soon as possible.

Value of market of black and white laser printer of HP LaserJet 1020plus: 1400 yuan

This machine airframe line basically is given priority to with curve, tie-in respect used color white and grayish two kinds tonal undertake collocation, but as better as circumjacent environment confluence. 1018 bulk are quite cabinet, it is 209mm of × of 370mm × 242mm only, it is OK to make an user complete put its conveniently undertake use on the desktop. And only the weight of 5Kg also makes of the user now and then move demand, also can relaxed be able to satisfy.

HP 1008 laser printers: USB 2.0 of processor of memory of home page, 600x600 Dpi, 8MB, 266MHz, high speed can be outputted inside the printing speed that is as high as 16 Ppm, 9 seconds standard of join, 150 pages inputs capacity and carton of 10 pages multipurpose to wait for technology of numerous and advanced HP to aid your business affairs in the round, relaxed business affairs is beside.

Material of applicable bad news:

Former outfit: HP HP12A/Q2612A
Compatible: Hoist the sails be able to bear or endure establish YFHC12A/Q2612A to be filled with Print-rite12A/Q2612A of beautiful YJ12A/Q2612A Tian Wei wisdom connect KILTER12A/Q2612A

City of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 3870 rooms

Buy connection way:

Company name: Limited company of science and technology of Tengda of Beijing vessel Xin
Contact: Liu Zhi
Connect a telephone call: 010-82698249 13391951462
Storefront address: City of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 3870 rooms

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