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HP 1008 black and white stimulate dozen depreciate the market makes work only 94
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Cabinet, simple, efficient reach the characteristic such as its economy, these are users to HP the evaluation of 1008 black and white laser printers, to your demand, the 1008 will comprehensive helps that have the superior quality that print your hoist speed. Small today make up market discovery, this machine now the quote of agency is 940 yuan, previously paragraph the price of time falls somewhat relatively, be like the person that have intention to be able to get in touch with agency directly.

HP value of market of 1008 black and white laser printers: 940 yuan

Delicate and cabinet 1008 laser printers have those who be as high as 16ppm to print home page can be outputted inside speed, 9 seconds, standard of join of USB 2.0 of processor of memory of 600x600dpi resolution, 8MB, 266MHz, high speed, 150 pages inputs capacity and carton of 10 pages multipurpose, satisfy your office requirement in the round. The design that uses economic space has intelligent function, all enjoy high end on the desktop 1008 laser print an experience.

Low cost, efficient it is 1008 the biggest characteristics, it is embedded still at the same time HP (HP) intelligent Web prints a setting, the user can control the printing content of the webpage and fashion. The ultrathin printer with applicable economy, have the outstanding quality that print and reliable property, it is the good choice of domestic office user and small-sized working group.

Black and white to wanting to buy stimulate hit friend to be able to consider to leave this type, this type gets the reception of user of small and medium sized business fully in the market, since the product since appearing on the market, sales volume is very good. And CC388A of beat of this type Selenium is outspread on the foundation of Q2612A beat of a when come out new Selenium, the than before Q2612A Selenium beat on the printing quantity of 1500 pages became little 500 pages, single page cost rose, but the CC388A that uses newest carbon noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch is more perfect on output effect, because of this 1008 eyeball that still attract numerous user.

City of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 3870 rooms

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Company name: Limited company of science and technology of Tengda of Beijing vessel Xin
Contact: Liu Zhi
Connect a telephone call: 010-82698249 13391951462
Storefront address: City of ZhongGuanCun vessel good electron 3870 rooms

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