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The nowhere that print is absent 1250 yuan of beautiful can be portable Cp750
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Beautiful can SELPHY CP750 still acceded beautiful can " CP " the fashionable exterior of series, argent openly airframe and photograph of white flank airframe are tie-in, fashionable and do not break nobility, in the front advocate in the center of face plate, inside 2.4 inches of sunken type exceed big prize screen unusually conspicuous, convenient user revises a photograph and the photograph that the choice should print. In colour there is all operation key all round screen, the user is operated not only more intuitionistic, and simpler. At present this type sells a price 1250 yuan, everybody does not want to miss.

Beautiful can dazzle price of reference of market of printer of photograph of flying SELPHY Cp750: 1250 yuan

In interface respect, beautiful can CP750 deployed digital camera to connect interface continuously, jumper but freedom is adjustable, besides, of much syncretic read card implement indispensable also, insert namely hit namely still withheld come down. CP750 deployed infra-red interface, can print with the mobile phone that has infra-red function and digital camera join. In expansibility respect, CP750 can be chosen match blue tooth adapter, wireless print more optional. In addition, what be worth to be carried very much is, reading when taking memory card and choice picture, before speed photograph is compared, the response of SELPHY CP750 takes the place of the product also wants quick a lot of, and the player still can carry picture of its LCD accurate clipping.

Beautiful can on SELPHY CP750, need to press button only, can eliminate red-eyed appearance through automatic and correctional red-eyed function. Of SELPHY CP750 " my colour " function, make an user OK choose more photograph colour effects, obtain more fun. Choose among them " positive " mode, can print outstanding colour saturation, gorgeous photograph, review the classical result of film times.

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