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Overspeed spends high load capacity sales promotion of K5400dn of 1450 yuan of H
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HP Officejet Pro K5400dn uses HP SPT whole dimension to print engine, deploy new-style the head that print, have print rapidder rate than laser. The black and white speed that print is 36 pages below fast mode / minute, the chromatic speed that print also is as high as 35 pages / minute, it is one of the fastest desktop color printer on eye preexistence bound. In do not sacrifice below the premise of professional character, minutely of 12 pages black and white print the color with 10 pages to print speed to make a person surprizing as much. So perfect type sells make work now on field 1450 yuan, everybody mights as well great and advertent.

Price of reference of market of printer of ink jet of HP Officejet Pro K5400dn: 1450 yuan

What be worth to be carried particularly is, HP Officejet Pro K5400dn is had not only exceed the rapid rate that print, in character respect outstanding also. Its print optimal resolution to be as high as 4800 Dpi, no matter be black and white text, or colour is beautiful beautiful chromophotograph, the user can realize couplet net easily to print through browser of either standard Web, lifelike picture immediately can " clearly is in eye " , business affairs is communicated also vivid and will convenient because of this. In save performance side, essence of HP Officejet Pro K5400dn allows everlasting laser quality to also be not common to be able to be reached, HP Vivera ink is prevented fade performance is very excellent, tens of after year, its colour still is like first.

In addition, the Gao Rong of HP Vivera ink box is measured, can print the black and white documentation that is as high as 2450 pages or the chromatic documentation of 1700 pages. tripartite checks foreign authority orgnaization Buyer ' S Laboratory Inc considers to make clear, the platform of HP Officejet Pro that obtains special honour repeatedly has the reliability of introductory class laser printer, executable big batch is printed. HP Officejet Pro K5400dn has the very large capacity that take paper, have a level 250 pages are entered carton and optional 350 pages enter carton, the month prints bear to be as high as 7500 pages, improved office efficiency greatly. The printer with such outstanding functions, still have concise management to hold accuse an interface, the long-range management software of this printer simplified printer configuration, below mode of network be in order, can support workstation of 5 independent PC to be used jointly at the same time.

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