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Fill pink chooses HP CC388A much Aisike 25 yuan every bottles
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Fill pink now more and more get the welcome of the user, not only low-cost, fill installs pink of high grade carbon, its print the effect and former outfit as good as. The author introduces special Ai Sike of CC388A of a HP to everybody below carbolic pink, market price 25 yuan every bottles, everybody mights as well go feeling next this carbon white.

Ai Sike CC388A price of reference of carbolic pink market: 25 yuan / bottle

Capacity of this carbon pink is 70g, the printing capacity that rouses because of CC388A Selenium is less than Q2612A, decided its pink holding capacity of bin wants to be less than Q2612A so, dan Aisi overcomes carbolic pink to be able to assure to arrive at 1500 pages on the quantity that print. At the same time this carbon pink has appeared on the market special long, according to there is touch on agency introduction market this false pink exists, consumer can want when buy great take care.

In agency that author still learns its develop CC388A Selenium to rouse chip, chip is the necessary equipment of fill pink, because do not change chip, of fill again good also tell cannot use. Nevertheless chip is divided computation and not computation, enumerated the price should be compared not enumerated tower above a lot of, be like price of chip of Ai Sike computation 20 yuan, not computation criterion 10 yuan.

Room of 4A043 of edifice of electron of ZhongGuanCun division trade

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Contact: Chen Linghua
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Shop address: Room of 4A043 of edifice of electron of ZhongGuanCun division trade

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