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Second birth of beat of Selenium of 2612A of 1000 carbon pink shows Hong Xin onl
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Pink of carbon of HP 1000 of this Hong Xin, it is the carbolic pink with a very wide applicability, according to businessman introduction this carbon pink supports beat of Selenium of HP much money to use not only, connect beautiful at the same time can FX-3 Selenium is roused as much applicable. And sell price of pink of this carbon on field exceeding material benefit, every bottles of 10 yuan price is really at present low, think trying friend can look.

Hong Xin HP1000 price of reference of carbolic pink market: 10 yuan / bottle

Hong Xin HP1000 carbolic pink every bottles of suttle 120g, go up in heft like other carbon pink, how many of heft, so the user should be added more when buying carbolic pink careful. Next this carbon pink applies to the type such as HP 1000/1200, explain its apply to HP Q2612A selenium beat, use sex is very wide, but apply to FX-3 Selenium beat likewise to what businessman place says, the author did not make an experiment dare not affirm so, but everybody mights as well go trying.

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