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HP 5L/6L Selenium rouses pink of carbon of AB of second birth law to need 25 yua
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Pink of carbon of this AB 5L/6L applies to the 06F/C3906F Selenium beat of HP 5L/6L laser printer, every bottles of suttle 130g, the 2500 pages that hold a level formerly can be obtained on the quantity that print. In congener product powdery price can consider this carbon higher, every bottles of price on the market 25 yuan, interested friend mights as well get in touch with the businessman directly.

Price of reference of market of pink of AB 5L/6L carbon: 25 yuan / bottle

According to businessman introduction, pink of this brand carbon has been managed tens of year, most user is affirmative to its, of carbolic pink suttle go up to be installed strictly according to standard fill, in order to assure the printing quantity of carbolic pink. The useless noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that at the same time its produce is not much, print to documentation can rival with the former beat that install selenium, interested friend mights as well try.

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